Drying racks

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Cutlery drainer DUO, light grey, Joseph Joseph JS80074
Dish drying mat 43 x 32 cm, green, Brabantia BRAB203329
Dish drying mat DUO, grey, Joseph Joseph JS80069
Dish drying mat, light grey, silicone, Brabantia BRAB117466
Dish drying rack 51 cm, foldable, grey, Brabantia BRAB139482
Dish drying rack DUO, foldable, Joseph Joseph JS85150
Dish drying rack Y-RACK, Joseph Joseph
68,60 €
Dish drying rack Y-RACK, white, Joseph Joseph JS85083
Dish drying rack, foldable, grey, Brabantia BRAB139406
Dish drying rack, foldable, light grey, Brabantia BRAB139383
Dish drying rack, foldable, light grey, Brabantia BRAB139444
Dish drying tray 46 cm, grey, Brabantia
48,49 €
Dish drying tray 46,3 cm, light grey, Brabantia BRAB117282
Dish drying tray FLIP-UP, grey, Joseph Joseph JS85139
Dish drying tray FLUME L, grey Joseph Joseph JS85089
Dish drying tray, grey, Brabantia
69,99 €
Dish drying tray, grey, Joseph Joseph
25,70 €
Sink mat 30 x 30 cm, grey, Brabantia
33,49 €
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Drying racks - practical kitchen helpers

Why should you consider having a drying rack and what drying racks will you find in Kulina

Even if you have a dishwasher in the kitchen, a drying rack always comes in handy when you need to place clean kitchen dishes somewhere to drip dry or when certain items can’t go in the dishwasher and you need to wash them by hand. Glasses, plates and cutlery that are placed on a modern and functional drying rack, don't fall over and excess water drips into the tray below.

Modern drying racks available in Kulina offer many functional solutions for your sink area but they are also very stylish and elegant. Kulina offers a range of high-quality, durable drying racks from Joseph Joseph and Brabantia. These brands are well-known for their smart solutions and functional design that meets the needs of their customers and offer the best value for money on the market. The only dilemma you will face is choosing the one that best suits your kitchen and personal style!

What are the main benefits of drying racks?

If you wonder what are the advantages of having a drying rack next to your sink you should consider the following benefits:

  • Energy and timesaving - why waste energy and time drying the dishes with a tea towel before you put them away? With a handy drying rack in your kitchen, the dishes dry by themselves, and are spotlessly clean and odour free without any additional effort and equipment required from you.
  • Safe and hygienic drying of pans, pots and other kitchen utensils without any chemical substances. Some pans or knives shouldn't be put in the dishwasher and a drying rack or drying tray will be a perfect solution
  • Consumes minimum space - drying racks ensure there is no clutter on your counter or your kitchen island. Some of them are also foldable so you can adjust their size to the number of dishes you need to dry
  • Convenience - if you live on your own or if you do not use many dishes during the day, you will see how convenient it is to simply wash your plate or glass by hand and just leave it on the drying rack. No need to fight over who is going to unload the dishwasher
  • Durability - high-quality, modern drying racks are very durable accessories. They won't rust and will look very nice for a long time

Drying racks are an essential piece of kitchen equipment for drying washed dishes. The task of washing dishes every night is tedious enough as it is, let alone having to dry them. Drip drying and air drying are so much easier, thereby saving you valuable time which you can spend on doing something you really enjoy.

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