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Trivet MAGNETIC 20 cm, champagne, Eva Solo ES530770
Trivet MAGNETIC 20 cm, mocca, Eva Solo
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Trivet and phone holder 2in1, wood, Eva Solo ES520415
Trivet FLIP, beige, Blomus
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Trivet FLIP, grey, Blomus
Trivet FLIP, grey, Blomus
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Trivet MAGNETIC, black, Eva Solo
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Trivet MAGNETIC, blue, Eva Solo
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Trivet MAGNETIC, matt grey, Eva Solo
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Trivet MAGNETIC, oak wood, Eva Solo
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Trivet MAGNETIC, orange, Eva Solo
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Trivet MAGNETIC, sage, Eva Solo
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Trivet MAGNETIC, violet blue, Eva Solo
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Trivet MAGNETIC, yellow, Eva Solo
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Trivet OOLONG, dark grey, Blomus
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Trivet TWIN SPECIALS, foldable, Zwilling
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Trivet, adjustable, stainless steel, WMF
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Wire baking rack 28 cm, de Buyer
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Wire baking rack 32 cm, de Buyer
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Trivets – an easy and stylish way to protect your kitchen worktops

Trivets are super practical and thanks to designers they are also super nice when it comes to their look. You can use them to protect your kitchen worktops, whether you are baking a cake or roasting ham and you need a safe place to put your baking dishes or cake pans on. You can also use them to set aside a pot with soup or a pan that has just been taken off the stove.

In Kulina you will find pot stands in different shapes and colours and some are even foldable. They are also made of different materials so we are sure you will be able to match a trivet to the style of your kitchen. Some pot mats can also serve as pot holders and sometimes they come in a set.

Do I need a trivet?

Yes, you do! Trivets are very useful not only in the kitchen but also in a dining room and you ca use them to:

  • protect your countertops from being destroyed by heat (you don’t want to see these characteristic circles all over your kitchen, do you?)
  • protect your kitchen surfaces from getting scratched by the bottoms of pots or other dishes
  • serve your pots and pans directly to the table without the risk of damaging its delicate surface
  • use them for placing your teapot on your fireplace or wood-burning stoves to keep it worm (make sure the material is suitable for high temperatures)

If you go for textile pot stands or pot mats, make sure you have a matching apron and tea towels. Kitchen textiles can really make a difference!