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Toilet paper holder RENEW, soft beige, Brabantia BRAB223242
Hand lotion SATOMI FUJI TEA 300 ml, Blomus
Hand soap SATOMI FRESH LAUNDRY 500 ml, Blomus
Hand soap SATOMI FUJI TEA 500 ml, Blomus
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Hand soap SATOMI MODERN LEMON 500 ml, Blomus
Disinfectant liquid dispenser 11 cm, black, Eva Solo ES567900
Liquid soap dispenser 150 ml, grey, Eva Solo ES530676
Liquid soap dispenser 180 ml, matte black, Eva Solo ES530668
Liquid soap dispenser 180 ml, matte white, Eva Solo ES530669
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Washbasin & Toilet

The space around the washbasin and toilet is the most important area in your bathroom and you need to make sure you organize it perfectly so that it’s functional, comfortable and beautiful. One of the best ways to organize the space around your bathroom sink is to have a cabinet or shelving unit under your washbasin or a shelf over the bathroom sink.

Whichever you choose you still need to use some bathroom accessories to make your daily bathroom routines effective and to keep your washbasin clean.

Washbasin and toilet accessories

In Kulina you will find many collections of bathroom accessories, including soap dispensers and soap dishes as well as toothbrush holders.

For your toilet area, we have minimalistic paper holders or paper stands (if you prefer accessories that do not require drilling) as well as spare roll holders and elegant toilet brushes which are usually the elements of bigger collections of accessories for the unified look of your bathroom.

Some of the accessories can be mounted by means of a sucker which allows for easy relocation or removal of the hooks and holders and depending on the style of your bathroom you may want to choose soap dispensers that are mounted on the wall or placed directly on the bathroom sink.