Gifts for clever children


Gifts for clever children

Forget barbies and action heroes. Our gifts will turn off the TV and turn on the brains. And we wouldn't be called Kulina if we didn't also think about the happy tummies of the naughty little ones.

Have fun together - for young and old

Children love it when you are all together. And they will most likely forget about their mobile phones if you sit with them and play some games, that you also know from your childhood. The Printworks brand has dusted off popular games and they got a new twist. You can now, play chess or dominoes, learn the names of famous architectural gems in a classic memory game or check your knowledge about popular movies in a quiz.


For the littlest ones

I'll get into my tent, take out my guitar, cook something, and then I'll check on my patients. Anyway, Mom, you won't hear from me until lunch :-)

Popis Popis Popis

For healthy snacks

The best lunchbox for school? Yumbox! Developed by moms for busy parents who care about their children's balanced diet. Yoghurt and dressings are safe in the Yumbox - nothing leaks out or gets mixed between the compartments. You can choose from 3 series:
Original - with 6 compartments, suitable for smaller children up to 8 years old. In addition, playful labels will help parents with healthy food composition and portion sizes
Panino - with 4 compartments, ideal for sandwiches
Presto - with stainless steel compartments for those who are not fans of food being stored in plastic

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Art print FRIBO, set of 4 pcs, green, Bloomingville BV82049404
Baby carousel GUNNI, brown, Bloomingville BV82051495
Baby carousel ROSANA, brown, Bloomingville BV82053061
Baby carusel DOTT, green, Bloomingville
67,99 €
Baby carusel MALVIN, green, Bloomingville BV82053028
Backgammon game CLASSIC, Printworks
45 €
Bed canopy HUGH, white, cotton, Bloomingville BV82045903
Bento box ORIGINAL 6 fifi pink / Paris , 625 ml, Yumbox YBFPI202210P
Bento box PANINO 4 fifi pink / Paris, 750 ml, Yumbox YBFPII202210PJ
Dominoes, Printworks
Dominoes, Printworks
In stock (8 pcs)
16 €
Drawing set EMERGING ARTIST, Printworks PRPW00456
Kids apron ANIMALS, Zwilling
22,50 €
Kids carpet FRIENDS 130 cm, nature, Bloomingville BV82051498
Kids cutlery set DISNEY PRINCESS, 6 pcs, WMF WM1282409964
Kids dinnerware set MICKEY MOUSE DISNEY, 6 pcs, WMF WM1282959964
Kids growth chart MINNE, nature, Bloomingville BV82054126
Memory game ICONIC BUILDINGS, 50 pcs, Printworks PRPW00450
Memory game MUSIC, 50 pcs, Printworks PRPW00396
Mikado game, Printworks
Mikado game, Printworks
In stock (5 pcs)
15 €
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Best gifts for children

On what occasions should I present a gift to my children?

Regardless of the context or connection, buying a present for a child can be challenging. Age and hobbies should always come first before anything else. It's not necessary to buy extravagant or expensive gifts for children; what matters is thoughtfulness.

When it has to do with smart kids, giving them gifts is crucial because it will foster their curiosity and learning, help them become more skilled at solving problems, boost their self-esteem, and enable them to identify their true passion among a wide range of interests.

Gift-giving shouldn't be restricted to the intelligent; doing so may cause conflict among the children and, in addition, giving thoughtful presents to other children could help them become similarly brilliant; after all, who wouldn't want a smart child?

You can get your kids after an achievement such as receiving a good grade on a test, winning a competition, or finishing school are a fantastic justification for giving presents to intelligent kids, as it’s a way to show that you are proud of them and that you appreciate their efforts.

Birthdays and holidays are also wonderful occasions to present gifts to all your kids, especially the clever ones.

How do you choose the perfect gift for your child?

Our suggestions will help you purchase presents that will stand the test of time and be truly exceptional for each category of kids in terms of development, whether you are a parent, grandparent, or someone else intending to give a smart child a gift.

Gifts for the little ones

Toys designed for infants and babies play a crucial role in their developmental journey, catering to their ever-evolving needs and abilities. From soft rattles that stimulate their auditory senses to colourful, textured toys that encourage tactile exploration, these early playthings engage their senses and facilitate cognitive growth. Developmentally appropriate toys like plush objects with varying textures support tactile development, while activity gyms with hanging toys encourage reaching and grasping, promoting motor skills. Interactive toys with lights and sounds introduce cause-and-effect relationships, fostering cognitive development. Moreover, toys that encourage problem-solving, such as shape sorters and stacking blocks, lay the foundation for spatial awareness and logical thinking. By providing infants and babies with toys that align with their developmental milestones, we not only engage their curiosity but also pave the way for a strong foundation in physical, cognitive, and emotional growth.

Gifts for small children

Toys play a pivotal role in the early development of small children, serving as powerful tools to foster cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. Specifically designed toys, such as those centred around role-playing and sensory exploration, offer multifaceted benefits. Role-playing toys, like miniature kitchen sets or doctor kits, encourage imaginative play, helping children understand the world around them, develop social skills, and enhance their creativity. Sensory toys, featuring textures, colours, and sounds, stimulate various senses, aiding in sensory development and cognitive growth. These toys provide opportunities for tactile exploration, fine motor skill refinement, and a deeper understanding of cause and effect. As children engage with these purposeful toys, they embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and skill-building that lays the foundation for their overall development.

Gifts for older children and teenagers

Toys for older children and teenagers extend beyond mere entertainment, serving as valuable tools for their cognitive, creative, and emotional development. Games, puzzles, arts and crafts play a pivotal role in honing various skills and fostering growth. Complex board games encourage strategic thinking, problem-solving, and social interaction, enhancing critical cognitive abilities. Intricate puzzles challenge their patience and persistence, promoting spatial reasoning and logical deduction. Engaging in arts and crafts fosters self-expression, imagination, and fine motor skills, nurturing their creativity and emotional well-being. Moreover, these activities cultivate teamwork, communication, and adaptability as teens engage with peers to solve challenges or collaborate on artistic projects. By integrating play with cognitive exploration, artistic expression, and social dynamics, these toys cater to the holistic development of older children and teenagers, empowering them with skills that transcend their formative years.