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Water carafe BASIC 1,5 l, WMF
64,90 €
Water glass, set of 4 pcs, 430 ml, Eva Solo
33,90 €
Water carafe 1 l, coffee, glass, Blomus
35,65 €
Water carafe 1 l, champagne, glass, Eva Solo
Water carafe 1 l, mocca, glass, Eva Solo
49,95 €
Water carafe 1 l, smoke, glass, Blomus
35,65 €
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Glassware – choose it and handle carefully!

Beautiful glassware can be the best decoration for your table so make sure that you not only treat your drinkware with due care but also select it in the same way. Tumblers, jugs, water carafes, and all kinds of glasses for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as wine glasses, cocktail or beer glasses that we offer in Kulina are manufactured by premium glassware producers which means they are made of high-quality glass, are durable, have great design and will look very stylish on your tabletop.

What kind of glassware do you need for your table?

Start with a set of water glasses that can be accompanied by a nice water carafe or a pitcher. You should also buy a set of white and red wine glasses, long drink glasses, champagne glasses and depending on your own preferences a set of beer, whiskey, shot or cocktail glasses. Make sure you have all the must-haves for your home bar and surprise your guests with refined glasses and high-quality beverages.

Can I put my glasses in the dishwasher?

Did you notice that after washing your glassware in the dishwasher it gets scratched or cloudy? Etching and scratches can be caused by many factors - very soft water, very hot water, too high temperature, too much detergent, or excessive pre-cleaning of dishes which makes the detergent work on the dishes and not on the food scraps. To avoid this do not rinse dishes before putting them into the dishwasher, do not use too much detergent and always check manufacturer’s instructions.