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Standing lamps – intimate and cozy

Floor lamps are often something we tend to forget about. People say they don’t need standing lamps, that their interior doesn’t need them and yet, floor lamps, if well-chosen, can really make a difference in a room.

What is the purpose of standing lamps?

  • standing lamps can change the mood of the interior and add some intimacy to it
  • floor lamps can complement other types of lights for creating better layered lighting and even substitute ceiling light in a small room with a low ceiling
  • floor lamps can be a source of task light and will serve you perfectly if you are a book lover, standing next to your favourite armchair
  • floor lamps are great for lighting up the corners of your room
  • uplight floor lamps can also help you in making your room look higher

Where should I put a standing lamp?

Standing lamps look great in every living room when put next to an armchair, a sofa or a coffee table. They can also be a great addition to your entryway or hallway if you put them next to a chest of drawers or a console table. Use one in your dining room next to the table and in the corner of your bedroom to make it look elegant and cosy.

What are the most popular types of floor lamps?

  1. Torchiere lamps – with torch-like shaped lighting pointing upwards, they take very little space with their thin arm and modern shape
  2. Tripod floor lamps with three separate legs
  3. Swing arm floor lamps – great for task lighting, next to an armchair, sofa or dining table
  4. Club lamps – designed for area lighting, very traditional, with shade softening the light
  5. Multi-way lamps with multiple lights on a single arm
  6. Task floor lamps with adjustable arm

Obviously different types of floor lamps suit different interior styles and different purposes but choosing a standing lamp for your room is always a good decision so don’t hesitate to experiment and add some style with a lamp like this.