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Blanket TONE 130 x 200 cm, blue, Hübsch HU220902
Blanket TONE 130 x 200 cm, pink, Hübsch HU220901
Cushion DUO 40 x 60 cm, purple/red, Hübsch HU21205
Cushion HYBRID ARGIA 50 x 35 cm, Seletti SLT09100
Cushion HYBRID OTTAVIA 50 x 35 cm, Seletti SLT09101
Cushion HYBRID PIRRA 50 x 35 cm, Seletti SLT09102
Cushion LIQUID MEMORY 40 x 40 cm, Foonka FOC40LM
Cushion POPPY 60 x 60 cm, yellow, Hübsch HU21208
Cushion SPECKLE 50 x 50 cm, brown, Hübsch HU701202
Cushion SPECKLE 60 x 60 cm, sand, Hübsch HU21203
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Decorative textiles

Do you want your home to look stylish and cosy? Do you want to relax and feel comfortable in your living room or bedroom? You can achieve all that simply by choosing the right decorative textiles for your interior.

What are decorative textiles? What is the role of decorative textiles?

Decorative textiles are the textiles you don’t actually need for practical reasons (well maybe apart from curtains and blankets). But… your home wouldn’t be home if you didn’t feel comfortable in it, if it wasn’t warm and inviting, right? And this is why you actually need them! Decorative textiles are important in every interior and they can serve the following purposes:

  • they introduce cosines, warmth and intimacy to the interior
  • they add dimension to the interior
  • they add character to the interior and help you highlight the style of your home
  • they make you feel comfortable
  • they keep you warm and soft

Decorative textiles include:

  • decorative cushions (put them on your sofa, armchair and bed – the more, the better!)
  • blankets, plaids
  • bedspreads, bed quilts
  • curtains, roman blinds and all types of window textiles
  • table textiles (tablecloths, runners, placemats, napkins)

Choose the right decorative textiles for your home, make it warm and comfortable and see how good it feels to be at home!