Everything started with the non-stick pan - a revolutionary product that made cooking simpler and attractive. And from then on Tefal provides you with kitchen appliances and accessories that are the 'ideas you can't live without' and that go along with the company's motto: to make your everyday life easier!
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Tefal – a reliable partner in your kitchen

Romantic story behind a non-stick pan

Tefal is one of the market leaders offering cookware and kitchen appliances. But the story behind these practical products is quite romantic. How did it all start?

In 1945 the French engineer Marc Grégoire was watching his wife struggling with an egg sticking to the bottom of the pan. That was when he thought of inventing a frying pan with non-stick bottom, a pan that would not stick even with very little fat. As a matter of fact, he followed her advice and as he had done for his fishing gear, used Teflon to coat her pans. He opened his first factory in Sarcelles in the Paris suburbs and chose the brand name Tefal (the combination of the words TEFlon and Aluminium).

Tefal’s mission and vision

Tefal’s idea is simple – to make people’s life easier. Non-stick pans, multifunctional cooking pots or cordless irons are just a few examples of products that do that!

In order to achieve this Tefal innovates his products continuously, while ensuring their quality, reliability, functionality and durability.

Tefal’s pots and pans, small kitchen appliances and accessories can be used every day and on special occasions, supporting their users in accessible home cooking and sharing some exceptional moments with their loved ones.

Innovation – at the heart of Tefal’s brand

Tefal has always followed one simple recipe for success: constant innovation. Innovation also means listening to consumers and following changes in their lifestyles and adjusting products and their functionalities to the realities of everyday modern life.

Some famous Tefal inventions include:

  • the "non-stick frying pan" patented by Marc Grégoire in 1954
  • in 1996 Tefal’s Ingenio range was invented; a range of cooking pots and pans with removable handles, which makes them easier to store
  • in 2000, Tefal has created the Thermo-Spot, a new innovation for frying pans; this heat indicator changes its aspect depending on the temperature of the pan showing its customers when the pan has reached the right temperature to ensure perfect cooking results
  • in 2006 Tefal introduced a family-format fryer ActiFry that enables its users to prepare fries and other meals with just one spoonful of oil
  • in 2012 tefal introduces Freemove, the first cordless steam iron; a completely cable-free iron that allows its user to move freely while ironing