Peugeot is the French producer of legendary and reliable spice grinders. As a market leader it guarantees the best aroma, high-quality, lasting solutions and renowned design that will please the eye. For the best taste in your kitcthen and the best look of your table.
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Peugeot – for the best taste in your kitchen

Peugeot salt and pepper grinders, coffee grinders and spice mills are loved by foodies and great chefs alike. They have become tableware icons and are a pleasure to use. They feature the recognizable sleek and elegant design, are famous for their quality and indestructible materials they are made of, their range of shapes, and colours and their lifetime guarantee.

The story of taste - Peugeot brand history

It all started in 1810 when the Peugeot brothers - Jean Pierre and Jean Frédéric - converted the mill inherited from their miller ancestors, into a steel mill. In 1840 they made the first coffee mill (later referred to as ‘the ordinary model’) and in 1850, the Lion on the arrow – the symbol that the Peugeot brand has in its logo, first appeared on the blades. It symbolises the qualities of the Peugeot utensils – their teeth resistance, blade flexibility and fast, efficient cutting, and it was officially registered as the trademark in 1858.

In 1874 the very first model of the Peugeot table pepper mill was produced - the Z model that is the most popular and therefore still manufactured today! Initially, it was manufactured in plain white china, later in silver-plated metal, in bakelite and in wood. In 1879 a Y model was added to the catalogue (the first to be used head downwards, with the mechanism hidden in the head) and in 1881 the X, A and C models followed.

Auberge and Paris – real classics from the Peugeot collection

In 1956 a real classic was made - the Auberge model, which is still in the Peugeot collection, being probably the most recognizable Peugeot design to be spotted in the best restaurants all over the world. Actually… there is one salt and pepper grinder that can compete with the Auberge model when it comes to popularity – and it’s the Paris model from 1987, one of the most symbolic models that are offered in unpainted or lacquered wood. Made in an extensive range of colours and sizes it goes from 10 to 110 cm! You just can’t miss it!

But the two stars from the Peugeot collection are not the only designs the brand is famous for. In 1997 the first electric pepper and salt mills were offered and in 2004 Peugeot patented a u’Select system for adjusting the grind fineness which allows exactly the desired fineness to be obtained (with six options for pepper and three for salt).

Peugeot – for the holistic dining experience

Peugeot takes care not only of the taste of the food you serve but also of the look of your table. In 2006 the renowned tableware designer Thomas Bastide created the Java mill with a cut groove design for an ingenious optical illusion. In 2011 Peugeot decided to combine its tradition with new technologies, creating the Elis Sense electric mills that can be operated by a simple touch of the hand and are lit by an LED.

Apart from salt and peer mills, Peugeot offers mills for different kinds of spices and seeds (including chilli flakes, flax seeds and wet sea salt), coffee grinders, wine accessories and even bakeware.

Great taste and quality – Peugeot guarantees

Peugeot manual grinding mechanisms have a lifetime warranty and electric mills have a 5-year warranty. These guarantees do not cover normal wear, accidental damage or any use of the mill not in line with their purpose.