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Appetizer plate ICE WHITE 22 cm, MIJ
10,99 €
Dessert plate 17 cm, black/amber, Bitz BITZ14104
Dessert plate 17 cm, grey/cream, Bitz
10,95 €
Dessert plate 17 cm, grey/light blue, Bitz BITZ14107
Dessert plate 17 cm, grey/light pink, Bitz BITZ14106
Dessert plate 21 cm, black/purple, Bitz BITZ821406
Dessert plate 21 cm, grey/pink, Bitz
15,90 €
Dessert plate AQUA SPLASH 17 x 11 cm, oval, blue, MIJ MIJC5423
Dessert plate GASTRO 17 cm, green, Bitz BITZ14110
Dessert plate GASTRO 17 cm, purple, Bitz BITZ14105
Dessert plate GASTRO 21 cm, black/amber, Bitz BITZ821405
Dinner plate 27 cm, black/amber, Bitz
19,30 €
Dinner plate 27 cm, black/purple, Bitz
20,90 €
Dinner plate 27 cm, grey/cream, Bitz
19,30 €
Dinner plate 27 cm, grey/pink, Bitz
19,30 €
Serving plate COSMIC DINER SUN 36 cm, Seletti SLT10830
Serving plate Legio Nova white 37 x 13 cm Eva Solo ES887294
Serving plate SAND FADE 29,5 x 12 cm, beige, MIJ MIJC4050
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Platters – an elegant way to serve your food

What are platters used for?

A platter is a sizable flat serving dish, usually oval, rectangular or round in form, used to serve meat, vegetables, ham or another type of food (hot or cold). They are often used during family dinners, social events, parties, weddings, banquets, and in restaurants to serve hot meals, appetisers, whole turkey or duck, entrees, desserts, fruits, crackers, sandwiches, and other meals. They are very practical because of their generous size and additionally allow to present food in a well-organized and aesthetic manner.

What is the difference between a serving tray and a serving platter?

There are several distinctions between a serving tray and a platter, both of which are flat and used for transporting or serving food.

A tray is a portable dish (often with handles) that is used to transport glasses, beverages or snacks to the table (to the dining room, living room or terrace). To prevent objects from falling off, trays may have raised sides and they are often made of a variety of materials including metal, plastic, or wood.

On the other hand, a platter is usually made of porcelain or ceramics and it's used to serve food placed directly on its surface. You can use it to transport food from the kitchen to the dining table but you don't put other dishes or containers on it, as you do with a tray.

In conclusion, both trays and platters may be used for serving food, however, trays tend to be smaller and are used for transporting smaller foods and glasses, while platters are larger and are used for serving meat or vegetables.

Serving platters available in Kulina are carefully selected from top brands like Blomus, Revol, MIJ, and Bitz. To serve your food in an elegant way you may also need cake stands, cheese and tapas boards, bread baskets, and other small serving dishes.