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Bird feeder 14 cm, hanging, glass, Eva Solo ES571030
Bird feeder 14 cm, mounted on the window, Eva Solo ES571048
Bird feeder and water dispenser FUERA, Blomus BM65033
Bird feeder DE LUXE 25 cm, copper, copper, Eva Solo ES571013
Bird feeder L, mounted on the window, Eva Solo ES571024
Bird feeder SUET, for windows, Eva Solo
29,95 €
Bird feeder SUET, hanging, Eva Solo
49,95 €
Bird feeder TABLE, with mounting pole, Eva Solo ES571039
Bird feeder TUBE 34 cm, hanging, Eva Solo ES571043
Bird feeder, double, glass, Eva Solo
39,95 €
Bird feeder, set of 2 pcs, for fat balls, Eva Solo ES571033
Bird house, hanging, Eva Solo
39,95 €
House number SIGNO "0", Blomus
19 €
Indoor water fountain SPRING 40 cm, silver, Philippi PHP123124
Outdoor thermometer 100 cm, black, Eva Solo ES567756
Outdoor thermometer, black, Eva Solo
44,95 €
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Garden decorations - how to find them

If all you think of when you hear ‘garden decorations’ are garden gnomes, it’s the highest time to check what we have to offer in Kulina. First of all, remember that your garden is a part of your home and it should be decorated in a way that matches its style and that says something about you and other household members.

What kind of garden decorations can you use if your home is arranged in a modern style?

It may seem difficult to think of garden decorations that would match minimalistic architecture but with the wide range of designer garden accessories that we have in offer, it’s possible and quite easy!

Start with modern bird feeders and birdhouses that not only look match modern architecture but also invite birds to your garden during the winter season. And watching birds having breakfast is probably the greatest view you can have during your morning cup of coffee.

If you are looking for a different type of garden decoration, check out our modern garden sculptures and accessories and remember that all accessories that you use in your garden and in front of your house can and should serve as decorations. These may include:

  • birdfeeders (as mentioned above)
  • outdoor lamps,
  • lanterns and torches
  • mailboxes,
  • outdoor thermometers,
  • windmills
  • house numbers

And if you are looking for some outdoor decorations for special occasions, we also offer a lot of party decorations that will make every birthday party and every family occasion even more special.