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Serving tray NORDIC KITCHEN 35 cm, Eva Solo ES520416
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Teapot NORDIC KITCHEN 1 l, black, Eva Solo ES502755
Water carafe BASIC 1,5 l, WMF
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Dining - the best time of your life!

Dining together is a quintessential human experience. It’s the experience that stays with us through ages, no matter where you live and how old you are. Did your mother used to call you for dinner with all moms’ mantra “Dinner’s ready!”? Do you call your kids or your partner with the same phrase, although you are a different person, in a different home at different times? See? Some things just don’t change and dining together is definitely one of them.

How to make dining together a pleasant experience?

No matter if you have a separate dining room, whether your dining table is placed somewhere between the living room and the kitchen or if you dine at the kitchen table, it’s very important to make sure you sit at the table together, that the table is set in a pleasant way, that your dinnerware is clean and good-looking, that the food is served in a nice way and that the atmosphere is perfect for having a meal but also for sharing your feelings, experiences and funny or sad stories.

What do you need for a perfect dinner table setting?

If you want to make sure dining together in your home is a pleasant experience both for your taste buds and the eyes - and mind you, chefs always say you eat with your eyes first! - remember the following things when you set a table for breakfast, lunch or dinner:

  • dinnerware - plates, bowls, serving dishes – are the basis of every table setting so go for a nice dinnerware collection and make sure that your dishes match the style of your cuisine, the number of people in your family, the occasion, the portions you usually have,
  • glassware- water glasses, alcoholic and non-alcoholic glasses, jugs – they can be like a piece of jewellery for your table, so make sure they are good-looking and stylish,
  • cutlery– you need a basic set of cutlery (for 6 or 12 people) plus teaspoons and some serving cutlery or special cutlery if you are a fan of steaks, seafood or snails,
  • tea and coffee accessories- make sure your tea or coffee set matches your style as tea and coffee accessories will accompany almost every meal, from breakfast till late evening and every time your friend or family drops by,
  • table textiles – these can do miracles! A nice table cloth, runner or napkins will change your table immediately and with a wide range of styles you can match the textiles to the occasion and the style of your dining room,
  • bar and bartender accessories – if you serve cocktails, throw a party or like to celebrate every occasion with a bunch of friends, you will also need some bartender accessories to be able to prepare drinks and cocktails. Make sure you’ve got the right glasses and have fun!

Your dining table suited to the occasion

Sitting together at the table during Xmas, Easter, birthday or anniversary dinner and other holidays and occasions, calls for a special table setting. The easiest way to match your table to the season is to use table textiles (a tablecloth or napkins with a Xmas motif for example) as well as plates or platters with seasonal decorations or patterns. Add some natural elements (twigs, cones, bases) and candles and you are ready to celebrate!