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Dinnerware – the best decoration for your table

Dinnerware should reflect your style and the style of your home. If you like minimalism choose dinnerware with a simple design and geometrical shapes. If you like Scandinavian interiors, go for more natural look of your tableware and add some colours to the table by choosing plates or mugs in the colours of earth or in shades of blue. If you want to start your day with an optimistic touch, get yourself a colourful dinnerware set that will look both playfully and trendy.

You can also choose dinnerware that matches the type of food that you usually serve. If Asian cuisine is what you all love, choosing Japanese handmade ceramic dinnerware will be the best choice you can make. If you like sushi, choose plates that look nice with some nigiri or California roll on them and if you like modern cuisine go for big but simple tableware that will allow for more creativity on your plates.

What are the basic components of dinnerware?

Dinnerware is all types of dishes used for serving food and they include:

  • plates (bigger and smaller dinner plates, dessert plates, lunch plates, etc.)
  • serving bowls and salad bowls
  • platters used for serving meat, vegetables, fish, etc. (in different shapes and sizes)
  • tureens and sauce bowls
  • tea cups and saucers
  • other serving dishes such as butter dishes, egg cups, and cake stands
  • dishes for serving snacks

What is dinnerware made of?

Dinnerware can be made of porcelain, ceramic, bone china, stoneware, glazed earthware, melamine or glass. Choose the material that you like the most and that suits your interior, your personal taste or the type of food that you usually serve. Kids' dinnerware is usually made of plastic or food-safe silicone and features animals or movie heroes who motivate children to eat and practice self-feeding.

How many dinner sets should I buy?

You should have at least two dinner sets – one for everyday use and one bigger and probably more elegant for special occasions such as family dinners and celebrations, Christmas meals, etc.