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Apron NEAT, blue, cotton, Nicolas Vahé NV104030503
Oven glove NEAT, blue, cotton, Nicolas Vahé NV104030504
Pot holder NEAT, set of 2, blue, cotton, Nicolas Vahé NV104030502
Apron SODAHL, cream, Bitz
Apron SODAHL, cream, Bitz
In stock (6 pcs)
21,90 €
Apron SODAHL, olive, Bitz
Apron SODAHL, olive, Bitz
In stock (6 pcs)
21,90 €
BBQ apron 98 cm, canvas and leather, Eva Solo ES571113
BBQ apron, linen, Höfats
BBQ apron, linen, Höfats
In stock (4 pcs)
48 €
Dishcloth WIPE PEARL, set of 3 pcs, cream, Blomus BM64233
Dishcloth WIPE PEARL, set of 3 pcs, grey, Blomus BM64236
Kids apron ANIMALS, Zwilling
22,50 €
Kids apron JUNGLE, Zwilling
23 €
Kitchen apron ORGANIC 70 X 180 cm, grey, BITZ BITZ12312
Kitchen apron ORGANIC 70 x 180 cm, rose, BITZ BITZ12313
Tea towel BETA 50 x 70 cm, blush, Rosendahl RSD21413
Tea towel BETA 50 x 70 cm, burgundy, Rosendahl RSD21412
Tea towel BETA 50 x 70 cm, mint, Rosendahl RSD21414
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Kitchen textiles – not only practical kitchen accessories

Kitchen textiles are much more than just practical kitchen accessories. They not only protect your hands from getting hurt and your clothes, kitchen tops and table from getting destroyed, they not only help you in keeping your kitchen space clean and nice, but they can also play a decorative role and be an important element of your kitchen interior.

How to choose kitchen textiles so that they are both practical and decorative?

Start with choosing tea towels that will match your kitchen style. Go for minimalistic colours and prints if your kitchen is very modern and minimalistic. Choose natural motifs and yellow and brown colours for a rustic, country-style kitchen and go for shades of blue and grey if your favourite style is Scandinavian. The same with your kitchen mittens – with a great range of products in various colours, materials and designs they can be not only functional but also beautiful and match the interior.

Kitchen apron – hot or not?

Not sure whether you should get yourself a cooking apron? Do it but go for a stylish, good-quality, nicely coloured one that you will wear with pleasure and pride, especially if you are cooking something fatty, sticky or spiced with curry! Believe us, you don’t want to spend the rest of the evening, sitting at the table with friends with your dress or shirt covered with stains from oil or tomato sauce.