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Scented candle VALOA AUTUMN L 9,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA AUTUMN S 7,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA SPRING L 9,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA SPRING S 7,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA SUMMER L 9,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA SUMMER S 7,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA WINTER L 9,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA WINTER S 7,5 cm, Blomus
Alarm clock TEMPUS 10 cm, grey, Philippi
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Anti stress decor BALLANCE 15 cm, black, Philippi PHP193283
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Home Decorations - icing on the cake

Decorations are an important part of your home arrangement. They add character to the interior, highlight its style and make your home an elegant, stylish, trendy or simply a warm and cosy place. Home décor – believe it or not – affects different aspects of our life. It can affect our productivity, creativity, and self-perception and what’s more – it can help you relax and feel more self-confident. How to decorate your home? See our short guide and get inspired!

Types of home decorations

What can be a decoration for your room? What makes your home beautiful? Obviously, all things that are in your house can decorate it, even furniture pieces but by home décor we usually mean all the smaller items and accessories, not always practical or needed, that make your home a home, that add to its character, create a particular atmosphere and help you achieve the style you aimed at. Which home accessories can serve as home decorations?

  • vases (also without flowers, arranged in bigger groups of different sizes, shapes or colours)
  • candleholders, tealight holders, candles
  • photo frames (standing on your bookcase or hanging on the wall)
  • decorative bowls, fruit bowls and baskets
  • all kinds of wall decorations (wallpapers, art, posters, picture frames)
  • small, modern sculptures and figurines
  • home textiles (cushions, blankets, bedspreads)
  • mirrors (both wall and standing)
  • wall or table clocks
  • holiday decorations

How to match home décor to your home style?

One of the most important rules of interior design is unity and that’s why matching the type of home decorations to the style of your interior is so important. Every piece of home décor should be chosen carefully and in line with the rules of the interior design style, you want to bring to your home.

  • for Scandinavian style choose simple white, blue or yellow decorations, as well as home décor pieces made from wood,
  • for minimalistic, modern interiors, go for minimalist decorations with simple, clear lines, geometrical shapes and monochromatic colours. However, do not get carried away with the number of decorations that you use. Minimalism likes minimalism – in every aspect.
  • modern classic interiors like such decorations as vases, mirrors, candleholders or photo frames, often arranged in a symmetrical way and in classic colours (obviously black and white), colours of nature, but also refined shades such as burgundy, chocolate brown, grey or emerald green,
  • country, rustic style loves wood, warm colours and cosy pieces of decoration, such as cushions, blankets and bedspreads. If you love this style make sure your kitchen is full of wooden tools and accessories,
  • for industrial style choose simple black, copper or golden decorations made from powder-coated steel

How to decorate your home for Christmas and the holidays?

Xmas, Easter or upcoming birthday parties are great occasions for changing the style and feel of your home for a while. Therefore do not hesitate and let Christmas or Easter atmosphere be present at your home every season. In order to achieve this, you can use holiday textiles – table cloths, runners, cushion covers, different types of figurines, Christmas tree decorations, wall decorations, special dinnerware, glasses or candles. Make also use of natural resources and add some flowers, plants, cones or twigs.