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Baghanger with LED light MADAME Philippi 7 cm silver
29,90 €
Book bookmark RACING MOUSE Philippi 12,5 cm silver
15,90 €
Business card holder CUSHION Philippi 10 cm silver
34,90 €
Business card holder GIANNI Philippi 10 cm black
21,90 €
Business card holder NIC Philippi 10 cm black
28,90 €
Cardcase with mobile phone holder DION Philippi 10 cm taupe PHP273080
Credit card case with money clip GIORGIO Philippi 10 cm black PHP157001
Extension cable WMF Ambient with 3 sockets a 2 USBs
44,90 €
GENTS tape measure Blomus 3 m creamy colour
37,49 €
Keychain DERBY Philippi 10 cm silver
17,90 €
Keychain HOTEL Philippi 7,5 cm silver
15,90 €
Keychain LOOP Philippi 10 cm black
26,90 €
Keyring pendant BIKER Philippi 7 cm silver
15,90 €
Keyring pendant SERGIO Philippi 12 cm black
19,90 €
Keyring pendant with clip CARREAU Philippi 10 cm black PHP273075
Keyring pendant with LED light CRUISER Philippi 8 cm black PHP273060
Keyring pendant with LED light LOVELIGHT Philippi 10 cm silver PHP173106
Keyring pendant with photoframe FRAME Philippi 5 cm silver PHP193079
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Home office accessories – organize your desk like a pro!

If you work at home you surely need a space where you can work, concentrate or be creative. You need a well-organized home office, arranged in a way that will meet your needs and requirements. Working here and there, a bit in the living room and a bit in the bedroom will not work in the long run so if you are a freelancer, if you are experiencing lockdown or if your company allows you to work from home, make sure your desk and surrounding are well suited for work.

One of the most important objects in every home office, and as a matter of fact the object that in most cases constitutes the whole office, is the desk. Make sure it’s well organized and remember that it’s part of your home so choose your office supplies carefully as they will be part of your interior.

In Kulina we offer a lot of stylish desk organizers and containers that will help you order your home office:

  • pen trays,
  • phone holders,
  • cable containers (to keep the floor and your desk surrounding cable-free),
  • magnetic paper clip holders
  • and even relaxing desk decorations and decision-making tools if you find it hard to decide whether to buy or sell.

And if you are looking for a nice gift that will be helpful for somebody working from home, also check what we have for you as there are many surprises waiting for all fans of practical and playful design such as a beaver pencil sharpener Castor by Alessi which will make you smile for sure.