Accessories for pans

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Pan handle cover, neoprene, de Buyer
11,90 €
Pan handle for ARCANA grill pan, Fissler
Pan protectors, set of 2 pcs, Fissler
12,99 €
Removable handle INGENIO L9863153 black, Tefal
Spare pan handle for PROTECT EMAX pans, Fissler

Accessories for pans - how can we help you?

Every item - if you use it a lot - may need a spare part from time to time and if you buy a pan in Kulina you can also buy a spare handle if the original one gets destroyed. However, among the accessories for pans that we offer, you will also find:

- spare pan handles (long and small)

- protective covers for pan handles (if your pan handle gets hot while cooking or if you use it in the oven)

- rings for woks with hemispheric bottom, that will enable you to cook with this type of a wok on induction or electric cooker with glass surface

- protective inserts for safe storage of your pans

Our offer of pan accessories gets wider every time we add a new collection of pans but if you don't find here what you are looking for, contact our customer service and tell us how we can help you. We will do our best to provide you with what you need.