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Arts & crafts – unleash your creativity

A fun and interesting method to express your creativity and give life to your imagination is through arts & crafts. There are endless opportunities for arts and crafts, whether you're seeking a new pastime or just want to spend time with friends or family.

One of the most practical and accessible tools for art is coloured pencils. Coloured pencils provide a variety of options for producing beautiful works of art, regardless of your level of artistic experience.

At Kulina, we have a wide collection of Printworks frame books and coloured pencils. A framed book is a great way to exhibit your artwork and preserve memories and our coloured pencils are made with the best materials.

How do I maintain colour pencils?

To keep your coloured pencils in excellent shape and make sure they last a long time, it's important to maintain them. The following tips will help you keep your coloured pencils in excellent condition:

When not in use, store your coloured pencils in a case or pencil box to keep them safe from dust and possible harm. The wax in the pencils can be harmed by keeping them at high temperatures, such as in the sun or in the cold.

Correctly sharpen your coloured pencils by using a high-quality sharpener and making sure the blades are both clean and sharp. The pencil could break or have a rough, uneven tip because of dull blades.

Regularly clean the coloured pencils by gently wiping off any dust or dirt with a gentle brush or cloth. Water and other solvents should not be used because they may harm the pencils' wax.

Be careful not to drop or knock your coloured pencils because doing so might damage the lead inside. Avoid pressing too firmly while using the pencils as this might also potentially shatter the lead.

What are the benefits of using a frame book?

For artists who wish to organise and safeguard their work, a frame book can prove quite useful. First off, a frame book protects artwork by insulating it from contaminants like moisture, dust, and other possible threats.

Secondly, it enables organisation since artists can group their work according to period, medium, topic matter, or any other criterion that suits them. Thirdly, some frame books have translucent sleeves or pockets that make it simple to exhibit artwork.

Last but not least, framing books can help in the long-term preservation of artwork, especially priceless or personal items.