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Pencil sharpeners – for precise pencil stroke

What is pencil sharpeners good for?

Sharpeners for pencils are a must in any company or school system. The best one for your needs should be chosen because they are necessary for keeping pencils ready for usage and sharp. Also, the pencil sharpener can be a good gift idea for the person who uses the pencil very often and is for example an artist. Make sure you check our bestseller by Alessi - a pencil sharpener called Castor depicting a funny and hungry beaver.

Why is steel used in making pencil sharpeners?

Steel is often used to make pencil sharpeners because of its strength, durability, and capacity to keep an edge. High-carbon steel, a kind of steel with a high level of hardness and toughness, is often used to make the blades of pencil sharpeners. Sharpening pencils repeatedly causes pressure and abrasion, but Alessi’s type of steel can resist it without losing its edge or being harmed.

Steel is also a low-cost material that is simple to mould into many sizes and forms, which makes it perfect for use in the creation of pencil sharpeners. It is appropriate for usage in the workplace and educational environments because of its sleek and professional design.

What are the benefits of having pencil sharpeners in the office?

A pencil sharpener is a necessary item for every workplace or workstation since it can save you time, enhance the quality of your work, and reduce waste. There are several advantages to having a pencil sharpener at work, including:

  • Saves time: With a pencil sharpener nearby, staff members can quickly and easily sharpen their pencils without leaving their workstations or interrupting their productivity. This can lessen distractions and increase productivity.
  • Improves quality: A sharp pencil is crucial for creating neat, precise lines and legible handwriting. Employees can increase the general calibre of their work by using the pencil sharpener provided in the workplace to keep their pencils constantly sharp and prepared for usage.
  • Sustainability: Using a pencil sharpener makes it possible to reuse pencils, which lessens the need to buy new ones and helps with sustainability initiatives.
  • Convenience: Having a pencil sharpener at work makes it easier for employees to do their jobs and supports a professional and well-organised workplace.

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