Holiday decorations

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Napkin rings TANNENBAUM Philippi 2 pcs silver
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19,90 €
Nutcracker TANNENBAUM Philippi 17 cm silver
29,90 €
Form 3D easter lamb Spring Lamb silver Nordic Ware
34,49 €
Christmas ball ANGIOLETTO Alessi violet
21 €
Christmas ball ASINELLO Alessi grey
21 €
Christmas ball BUE Alessi gold
21 €
Christmas ball GIUSEPPE Alessi blue
21 €
Christmas ball HAMMERSHOI 2019 Kähler white
22,95 €
Christmas ball HAMMERSHOI 2022 Kähler white
22,95 €
Christmas ball MADONNA Alessi blue
21 €
Christmas figurine ANGELO MIRACOLO Alessi white
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Christmas figurine BACKPIUPER Alessi multicolor
32 €
Christmas figurine for incense burner ALCE Alessi brown ALAMGI22
Christmas figurine HAPPY ETERNITY BABY Alessi white ALAGJ01W
Christmas figurine L'ALBERO DEL BENE Alessi multicolor ALMJ1617
Christmas figurine LA CITTA DEL'AMORE MIO Alessi gold ALMJ1614
Christmas figurine NARCISO Alessi white
46 €
Christmas mug HAMMERSHOI 2019 Kähler 330 ml white
29,95 €
Christmas mug HAMMERSHOI 2022 Kähler 330 ml white
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Christmas napkins in a set NATALE Rosendahl 45 x 45 cm 4 pcs red RSD607495
Christmas place mat NATALE Rosendahl 43 x 30 cm green
Christmas place mat NATALE Rosendahl 43 x 30 cm red RSD607196
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Holiday decorations – make your home festive for the holidays

Making your home festive and cozy for the holidays (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween) is not a duty, it’s a state of mind! If you want to feel special during this time, if you want to change something in your interior, change its atmosphere and feel the holiday vibe, decorate it the way you like and remember… you can’t overdo with holiday decorations because it’s your home and your rules!

How to decorate my home for the holidays?

  • use holiday decorations and pick them carefully because you will be taking them out year by year! When choosing the decorations take into consideration colours and motifs typical for the given holidays, as well as the style of your interior
  • use Christmas and Easter textiles (tablecloths, runners, decorative pillows, etc.)
  • use tableware with holiday motifs
  • use natural resources – flowers, twigs, cones, etc.
  • buy scented candles – the smell of cinnamon or spruce will let you get deeper into the mood
  • light up your space with decorative lights
  • bake, cook and indulge your sweet tooth, choose cake pans with holiday motifs and prepare aromatic cakes that will fill up your interior with seasonal aromas

When speaking of holiday decorations, one should not forget about birthday parties and party decorations, which will also be suitable for many family occasions. And when your home is ready for celebrating, play some music that matches the season, sit comfortably on the sofa and see how beautiful your house is!