Easter is around the corner, how will you spend it this year? Certainly with your loved ones at the table. And what will your home smell of? In Kulina you will find everything you need to create the atmosphere and aroma of holidays - not only during the Easter breakfast!


french press
french press
Coffeepress Kult WMF

Coffee aroma

An aromatic cup of freshly ground coffee from a french press will get every sleepyhead out of bed. And later, time for something sweet!


kuchařský kurz
forma na beránka
Easter Lamb baking pan Nordic Ware

Easter Lamb

Thanks to this this baking tin, you can bake a traditional lamb cake, or you can double the portion and fill the center with cream or vanilla cream and jam. And the 3D lamb is ready - how alive!

mísa na ovoce
forma na beránka
Easter Bunny baking pan Nordic Ware

Or maybe you prefer a bunny?

Regardless of whether you cover it with chocolate, lemon glaze or just sprinkle it with powdered sugar, one thing is for sure - it will not run far :)

steakové nože
forma na beránka
Heritage Bundt® Nordic Ware

Traditional cake

Do you like classic cakes? With beautiful baking pans from Nordic Ware even traditional angel food cake will not be boring.


maska na spaní
forma na beránka
Bread pan Burgundy Emile Henry

Home bread

If you try homemade bread at least once, you won't look at the supermarket bread anymore. See how easy it is to bake it!

koše na prádlo
forma na beránka
Electric egg cooker KITCHENminis® WMF

Perfectly cooked eggs

No matter what you do, you still fail to get them right? The electric egg cooker will make sure that your eggs are "just right", and their preparation will be a pure pleasure - whether during Easter or every single day.


ručníky a předložky do koupelny
forma na beránka
Egg stand Legio Nova Eva Solo

It's on the table!

It does not matter whether you set the table in a minimalistic or classic style, with traditional linen napkins. The most important thing is to sit down with those you love.

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Easter – another holiday to celebrate

What is Easter?

One of the main occasions for celebration in the Christian religion is Easter, which honours the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The observance of this holiday season is not, however, prohibited for adherents of other religions since it’s mostly declared a public holiday in most countries.

One of the current primary highlights that draw families and friends together is setting the mood for Easter. Given the significance of this moment, we at Kulina have carefully chosen products from renowned manufacturers like Kähler and Holmegaard to create vital categories of Easter goods.

  • Easter decorations

Easter decorations are items used to embellish houses, churches, and other locations during the Easter festival season. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is one of the main themes of Easter in Christian faiths, is usually symbolised by them.

  • Easter tableware

Easter tableware refers to the various items and decorations used to set a festive table for Easter celebrations. On Kulina, our set of easter tableware includes a bonbonniere, egg cup, miniature vase, flat plate, and other accessories that are specifically designed or themed for the Easter holiday.

How can I make my Easter vacation enjoyable?

During your easter vacations, consider taking a journey to a location of your choice or participating in outdoor activities like bicycling, hiking, or picnics to make the most of the lovely spring weather over your Easter break. Participating in regional Easter events, such parades, or festivals, may also offer special and unforgettable experiences.

The joyful atmosphere can also be increased by planning or taking part in an Easter egg hunt, doing crafts and DIY projects with an Easter theme, and spending quality time with family and friends. Don't forget to take some time throughout your trip for rest and relaxation, whether it is through reading, meditation, or indulging in spa services.

To design an Easter holiday that makes you happy and fulfilled, keep in mind to customise your activities depending on your interests and present circumstances.

Are there particular decors for Easter?

No holiday has ever begun without decorations! For Easter, this entails a plethora of hand-painted eggs, adorable Easter baskets loaded with delectable chocolates, and table decorations featuring bunnies.

You can also check our electric egg cookers to make perfect eggs for Easter breakfast (but not only!).