Easter tableware

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Easter tableware – celebrate your Easter in style

What is Easter tableware?

Easter tableware also referred to as easter dinnerware or crockery is plates, glasses or dishware used to arrange a table, serve, and showcase cuisine specific to the easter celebration. The ideal tableware can genuinely improve the ambience and make the event even more memorable, whether you're having a grand Easter brunch, a beautiful family gathering, or a celebratory meal.

With our exquisite Easter dinnerware collection from renowned brands like Kähler, which mixes elegance, whimsy, and the spirit of the occasion, you will be ready to welcome your holiday visitors.

What does the term Easter dinnerware refer to?

Easter tableware are dishes and glassware usually decorated with patterns and symbols typical for the season - like bunnies, eggs, and springtime flowers. These may include

  • serving platters
  • a bonbonniere - a little ornamental container for sweets that are embellished with springtime flowers and a rabbit.
  • egg cups, decorated with lovely springtime flowers, used for serving eggs or displaying decorative eggs
  • miniature and regular-size vases, a great way to decorate your Easter table

For more Easter-focused products check our easter decorations but also bundt pans, table textiles (including tablecloths and napkins) and roasting pans.

How can you decorate your table for Easter?

Decorating your table for Easter can create a festive and inviting atmosphere for your holiday meal or gathering. Here are some creative ideas to help you decorate your table for Easter:

  • Pastel Color Scheme: Embrace the soft, pastel colors traditionally associated with Easter, such as light pinks, blues, yellows, and greens. Use these colors for your tablecloth, napkins, and decorations.

  • Easter Centerpiece: Create a stunning centerpiece using a vase filled with fresh spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths. You can also use a decorative Easter basket filled with eggs and flowers as the focal point.

  • Easter Egg Decor: Decorate your table with colorful Easter eggs. You can arrange them in a decorative bowl, scatter them along the center of the table, or even hang them from a branch centerpiece.

  • Napkin Rings: Craft or purchase Easter-themed napkin rings. You can make these using materials like ribbon, twine, and mini ornaments shaped like bunnies, chicks, or eggs.

  • Place Cards: Create personalized place cards for your guests using small Easter-themed decorations or by incorporating mini chocolate eggs into each place setting.

  • Easter Bunny Elements: Incorporate bunny-themed elements into your table decor. This could include bunny-shaped plates, napkin holders, or even cute bunny figurines.

  • Spring Foliage: Integrate fresh or artificial greenery and foliage to give your table a natural and refreshing feel. Place sprigs of greenery or small potted plants as part of the centerpiece.

  • Easter Linens: Use tablecloths, placemats, and napkins with Easter patterns, like bunnies, chicks, or decorated eggs.

  • Miniature Decor: Use mini decorative items such as bird nests, birdhouses, and small figurines to add whimsy and charm to your table setting.

  • Candles: Incorporate candles in soft spring colors or Easter shapes like egg or bunny candles to create a warm and cozy ambiance.

  • Easter Confetti: Scatter Easter-themed confetti or small decorative elements across the table for a playful touch.

  • Egg Cups: If you're serving boiled eggs as part of your meal, use decorative egg cups that match your Easter theme.

  • Linen or Burlap Runners: Lay a linen or burlap runner down the center of the table as a base for your centerpiece and decorations.

  • Easter Plates and Cutlery: Use plates and cutlery with Easter motifs or spring designs to tie the theme together.

  • Dessert Display: Set up a dessert display with Easter-themed treats like cupcakes, cookies, and a cake decorated with pastel icing.

Remember that the key is to have fun and be creative with your Easter table decor. Mix and match different elements to create a table setting that reflects your personal style and adds a festive touch to your holiday celebration.