Bundt pans

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Bundt pan PUMPKIN, orange, silicone, Lékué LKE1400100N02M017
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Bundt pan 22 cm, de Buyer
Bundt pan 22 cm, de Buyer
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Bundt pan BAVARIA BUNDT, silver, Nordic Ware NW53624
Bundt pan BAVARIA CUBE, gold Nordic Ware
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Bundt pan ELEGANT PARTY, gold, Nordic Ware NW58677
Bundt pan FLEUR DE LIS, copper, Nordic Ware NW53248
Bundt pan HARVEST LEAVES, bronze, Nordic Ware NW85948
Bundt pan HERITAGE S, gold, Nordic Ware
43,49 €
Bundt pan CHIFFON BUNDT, gold, Nordic Ware NW87477
Bundt pan LOTUS, gold, Nordic Ware
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Bundt pan NUBIA 22 cm, grey, Kaiser
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Bundt pan PINE FOREST, silver, Nordic Ware NW89737
Bundt pan VINTAGE STAR, SILVER, Nordic Ware NW53137
Bundt pan ZEBRAFRICA 16 cm, grey, Kaiser
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Bundt pan ZEBRAFRICA 22 cm, grey, Kaiser
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Bundt pan, rose shaped, copper, Nordic Ware NW54148
Cannelé mould 5,5 cm, copper, de Buyer
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Bunt pans - not only for your Easter table

What are bundt pans suitable for and why should you own one?

You can use bundt pans for a wide variety of baking and cooking purposes:

  • cakes
  • gelled desserts
  • shortcake baskets
  • cupcakes
  • muffins
  • meatloaf

What makes bundt pans different and special?

The characteristics of bundt pans set them apart from other baking pans. The fluted edges make dessert bakes look far more elegant and enticing, while the hole in the middle not only results in more evenly baked cakes but also creates an attractive donut shape that provides endless opportunities for a creative mind to decorate.

How long does it take to bake in bundt pans?

Baking in a bundt pan does not take any longer than the standard baking time in a normal baking pan, namely 50 to 60 minutes. Once you see your cake starting to brown and set on top, insert and withdraw a toothpick to see if the cake is baked through. If it comes out sticky, the cake is still raw on the inside and needs to be bake a while longer, if it comes out clean, the cake is done and should be removed from the oven. At higher temperature settings, the cake may be done sooner (45 minutes). So always keep an eye on it! After all, you don’t want your best efforts to go to waste.

What are the best brands for bundt pans?

At Kulina, we stock only the best brands, and among them you will find bunt pans from a legendary American brand Nordic Ware or Spanish manufacturer Lekue.

Presentation matters just as much as flavour and cooking technique. If you have never had much luck when it comes to a beautiful dessert presentation, why not give a bundt pan from Kulina a try? We guarantee good results, every time!

Bundt pans can transform humble homemade cakes into exotic-looking, boutique-worthy desserts. And as you probably know from experience, presentation plays a significant part in stimulating the taste buds. Resistance is useless. Bon appetit.

With a bundt pan at home, you won't fall short of surprising ideas. All it takes is a little love, thoughtfulness, a good cake recipe and a bundt dessert pan to bring the magic alive.

If you love treating your family, friends and guests to little homemade treats during the week, you will undoubtedly find that a bundt pan is a handy kitchen tool. They resemble a round cake pan but with more attractive features.