Round cake pans

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Baking ring 10 cm, round, stainless steel, de Buyer DB309110N
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Baking ring 14 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer DB309114N
Baking ring 15,5 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer DB309906
Baking ring 6,5 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer DB309802
Baking ring HEXAGON 10 CM, de Buyer
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Cake pan XBAKE 28 x 19 cm, blue, steel, Guardini GD13519PBSAPRGNAM
Cake portion baking mould, 26,5 cm, red, silicone, Lékué LKE0216008R01M017
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Round cake pans - every cake-baking enthusiast's basic tool

What can I use a round cake pan for?

Round cake pans - probably the most popular type of baking pans - are frequently used for baking birthday cakes, sponge cakes, cheesecakes, and all kinds of layered and tiered cakes. Very often made from aluminium they offer evenly-baked cake layers.

The choice of your cake pan can hugely affect the results of your culinary experiments and in Kulina we offer you high-quality round cake pans to help you bake the best possible cakes.

Is a springform cake pan dependable?

A circular cake pan with a detachable bottom and sides is known as a springform cake pan. Round springform pans are excellent for preparing all types of cheesecakes (baked and non-baked), and mousses or tarts. If you buy a quality springform cake pan you don't have to worry that liquid dough will get out of the pan and make a mess in your oven. It won't!

The biggest advantage of the springform pans is that the cake may be removed from the pan without being inverted or lifted thanks to the detachable sides of the springform pan. When you take out the cake from the oven and when it cools down, you simply can open the interlocking band holding the sides together and remove it, leaving the cake on the base. It makes it much easier to transfer the cake to the cake stand. Don't forget about a cake server if you want to serve your cheesecake in the most elegant way possible.

How to choose the best size of a round cake pan for your cake?

Sometimes it's hard to determine which cake pan to use. Below you’ll find common round baking pan measurements and the volume of batter they are able to hold.

Round Pans:
6×2 inches (15 x 5 cm) = 4 cups (960ml)
8×2 inches (20 x 5 cm) = 6 cups (1,4l)
9×2 inches (23 x 5 cm) = 8 cups (1,9l)

Springform Pans:
9x 2,5 inches (23 x 6 cm) = 10 cups (2,4l)
10x 2,5 inches (25 x 6 cm) = 12 cups (2,8l)

In Kulina you will find many round cake pans in a variety of sizes and materials as well as expandable cake rings from top manufacturers including de Buyer, Kaiser or Lékué.