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Flower stand KENA 41 cm, light grey, Blomus BM66023
Fire pit and grill CARUS M, Remundi
1 254 €
Fire pit FIRECUBE 45 cm, steel, Eva Solo
549,95 €
Fire pit FIREGLOBE 54 cm, Eva Solo
405 €
Table charcoal grill, white, Eva Solo
307 €
Additional base for ELLIPSE fire pit, Höfats HO060501
Additional pole for TRIPLE fire pit 40 cm, Höfats HO050601
Baking tray 40 cm, Outdoorchef
33 €
Barbecue burger set 3 pcs, Rösle
73,99 €
Barbecue spatula Remundi
Barbecue spatula Remundi
In stock (4 pcs)
55 €
Base for BOWL fire pit, Höfats
59 €
Beech wood chips 750 g, Rösle
11 €
Bird feeder 14 cm, hanging, glass, Eva Solo ES571030
Bird feeder 14 cm, mounted on the window, Eva Solo ES571048
Bird feeder and water dispenser FUERA, Blomus BM65033
Bird feeder DE LUXE 25 cm, copper, copper, Eva Solo ES571013
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Garden, terrace, balcony - let's go outside!

A Garden but also a balcony or a terrace are part of our home. They merge into one another, they interpenetrate, and you spend a lot of time there (especially during spring and summer) and that’s why the surrounding of your home is so important when it comes to arranging your living space. In Kulina, we offer many accessories and decorations that will help you organize your outdoor space to answer your needs and match the style of your home.

Lights for your garden

In order to be able to take advantage of your outer space as much as possible (whether it’s the terrace or a balcony) you definitely need some outdoor lighting to light up the space. Depending on the character of your garden or the size of your balcony, you can choose between classic lamps, solar lights or garden lanterns and torches. Don’t forget about some candles that will be a perfect solution for your balcony or outdoor table.

Spending time outside

  1. Let’s BBQ!

Outdoor cooking is fun and that’s why in Kulina you will find lots of different grills, modern fire pits and outdoor pots for various cooking techniques. Thanks to optional accessories, our modern fire pits can be transformed into grills very quickly, so you can enjoy the romantic nature of an open fire and prepare a tasty snack to go with your glass of wine or beer.

We also offer a wide selection of grilling tools and accessories that will make BBQing a piece of cake even for the beginner. If you don’t know which grill to choose, read our BBQ shopping guide. Invite your friends, prepare some food to be grilled, sit at the table on your terrace or around the fire and spend time cooking, talking and laughing together.

  1. Fancy a picnic?

In your garden or in the park. Having a picnic is always a good idea and with our selection of picnic accessories and dinnerware, you will be able to perfectly prepare yourself for a day out and relax in the open air in a stylish way. Plastic cups and plates, picnic baskets, water bottles and bottle coolers, portable coolers and lunchboxes to be filled with your favourite, healthy snacks – there is everything you need to make your day on the grass a perfect break.

  1. Are you a nature lover or a natural-born gardener?

If you want your garden or a balcony to make you feel relaxed, you need to take care of the plants. Spending your time gardening and growing flowers is a perfect activity for those who need to stress out, so go and get yourself some gardening tools, flower pots and watering cans and make sure your garden and terrace turn green every spring and summer!

How to decorate your garden?

As we said, a garden is an integral part of your house. So is a terrace or even a small balcony. With modern garden decorations that are also functional, you can decorate your garden in a minimalistic, rustic or Scandinavian way. What kind of garden decorations are worth consideration (you will find them in Kulina):

- birdfeeders (these are not only good-looking but also nature friendly!)

- rain gauges or fans,

- garden lamps and solar lights

- flower pots and watering cans

- stylish fire pits

- garden furniture and outdoor textiles (they can make a huge difference!)

Take care of your plants, take care of flowers and birds, plant some herbs and enjoy your garden as much as you enjoy your home.