Steel pans de Buyer

French carbon steel pans
for a lifetime

de Buyer - iconic steel pans since 1830

The French brand de Buyer has truly mastered the art of pan making. A carbon steel pan "ages like wine" and the longer and more often you use it, the better its properties.

Naturally non-stick
Carbon steel becomes non-stick through use. The dark coating on the surface is exactly what you're after. You can usually just wipe the pan off with a paper towel after cooking, a thin layer of oil will only help preserve it.
Optimal browning
Steel conducts heat perfectly and evenly. At the same time, it is firm and stable, so it does not bulge in the center over time like light non-stick pans. Your steaks and pancakes will always be perfectly cooked on the entire surface.
100% natural
Made of 99 % iron and 1 % carbon, steel is a 100% natural material. The pans arrive with a protective coating of organic beeswax. They are an environmentally friendly, recyclable product with a long service life.
A delicious dish
A pan with non-stick finish can't do this - the browning reaction. On steel or cast iron, the meat is quickly seared. A tasty crust forms on the surface and the juice stay inside. Seared on the outside and juicy on the inside = much tastier dish.
Video guide
How to season a steel pan
Don't be afraid of it! The pan needs to be seasoned before the first use. This is how the carbon steel becomes non-stick. Your pan will no longer be silver, but as the French know - the darker the better.
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