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Kids cutlery CARS 2 DISNEY, 4 pcs, WMF
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Kids cutlery set ECKBERT, 4 pcs, Zwilling ZW7132210
Kids cutlery set FARM, 4 pcs, WMF
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Kids cutlery set FILOU, 4 pcs, Zwilling ZW7011210
Kids cutlery set FROZEN DISNEY, 4 pcs, WMF WM1286006040
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Kids cutlery set GRIMMS FAIRY TALES, 4 pcs, Zwilling ZW7010210
Kids cutlery set JUNGLE, 4 pcs, Zwilling ZW07135210
Kids cutlery set LION KING DISNEY, 4 pcs, WMF WM1286046040
Kids cutlery set MICKEY MOUSE DISNEY, 4 pcs, WMF WM1282956040
Kids cutlery set MINIONS, 4 pcs, WMF
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Kids cutlery set MY2GO MICKEY MOUSE, 5 pcs, WMF WM1296036040
Kids cutlery set SAFARI, 4 pcs, WMF
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Kids cutlery set SAW, 4 pcs, Zwilling
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Kids cutlery set THE JUNGLE BOOK DISNEY, 4 pcs, WMF WM1283306040
Kids cutlery set WINNIE THE POOH DISNEY, 4 pc, WMF WM1283506040
Kids cutlery set WINNIE THE POOH, 3 pcs, WMF WM1283516040
Kids cutlery set ZOO, 4 pcs, WMF
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Kid’s cutlery – perfect cutlery for the little ones

What is kid’s cutlery?

Children's cutlery is a specific type of eating utensils, designed especially for the little ones. Kid's knives, forks and spoons are more compact in size, are safe and have kid-friendly designs.

Kids' cutlery often comes in sets incuding little fork, spoon, teaspoon and knife. Children can easily grip and use the utensils because of their size, the designs, and colours which are usually amusing and enjoyable.

Safety is one of the key characteristics of kids' cutlery. Kids- and food-safe materials are used to make children's cutlery and to avoid cuts or injuries they have often rounded edges, short teeth and small bowls.

The best of kid's cutlery designs are available in Kulina from well-known manufacturers like WMF and ZWILLING.

Why is cutlery important for children?

Cutlery is important for children for several reasons, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Improving self-feeding abilities – Using cutlery enables kids to practise self-feeding, which is a crucial developmental stage. Using cutlery assists kids in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Increasing independence – Teaching kids how to handle cutlery helps them feel independent and accomplished. They can control their own eating and feeding, which can boost their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Developing social skills – Using cutlery is a social skill that kids will need to have throughout their lives. Little toddlers who are taught to use cutlery might feel more at ease and confident while eating with others.

These are just a few reasons why children need cutlery. For an all-inclusive dinnertime experience, you can also browse through our selection of kid's dinnerware.

At what age should kids start using cutlery?

A child can start using cutlery at 12 to 15 months old. At this age, they are usually capable of sitting upright and can grasp small objects with their hands. However, they may require assistance as they lack the dexterity to handle utensils properly.

Parents can introduce children to cutlery by providing them with a small, child-sized spoon and fork during dinner time. It is recommended to choose utensils with rounded edges and no small pieces that could be swallowed, which are appropriate for the child's age and developmental stage.

Generally, the age at which a child starts using cutlery will vary based on their unique development. Indicators that a child is ready to use cutlery include an interest in self-feeding or the ability to hold small objects.