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Teas – what are different types of tea and which should you choose

When should you drink tea?

There is no bad time for a cup of tea! This is certainly what every tea lover would say but generally speaking, the best time to drink your tea is 30 – 60 minutes after breakfast or lunch. According to nutritionists, you shouldn’t drink tea right after you get up, on an empty stomach – choose herbal tea or water infused with honey or lemon instead. Similarly, if you have sleeping problems you shouldn’t drink tea in the evening as it contains caffeine. Have chamomile or another type of herbal tea instead.

Of course you can match your tea not only to the time of the day but also to the time of the year, the weather or to the season. Ice tea is perfect when it’s hot outside and winter blends with spices are great during the Christmas season.

What are the most popular types of tea?

Generally speaking there are many different types of tea but the most popular types of infusions that people usually have are:

  • black tea
  • green tea
  • white tea
  • fruit tea
  • herbal tea

Different types of tea do not only contain different ingredients but also require different brewing times and water temperatures so always read the instructions on the package and when choosing your kettle, make sure you choose a temperature-controlled kettle if you usually have green or white tea – as they require different brewing temperature than black tea.

Have your tea in a mug or a cup – whichever you prefer – and if you are a fan of traditional brewing ceremony and best-quality loose-leaf tea, get yourself a nice teapot or a tea infuser.

Is loose-leaf tea better than bags?

Yes, and the difference is huge! Loose tea is made from whole leaves and tea bags in most cases contain tea dust. Small grades of tea let the essential oils which are responsible for flavour and aroma more opportunity to evaporate. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the real taste of tea, it’s always better to choose loose-leaf tea than bags.

Tea bags offer worse quality of tea also because the infusion is limited by the size of the tea bag. Tea leaves don’t have the possibility to release their aroma when squeezed in a small bag and this is why premium tea manufacturers offer their customers a nice compromise by adapting the size of the tea bag to tea leaves. They simply make the tea bags bigger!

For example Kusmi Tea which you will find in Kulina, offers their customers pyramid-shaped bags thanks to which you will get a much better taste.

Therefore if you are looking for a premium blend made from high-quality tea leaves (which makes a great present for all tea connoisseurs), check the wide variety of loose black, green, white and fruit teas that we have in offer and if you are looking for great taste but without the need to brew tea in a pot, choose Kusmi tea in pyramid-bags.