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Drip coffee machine 5KCM1209, black, KitchenAid KA5KCM1209EOB
Drip coffee machine KA 4850 FILKA, silver, Severin SEVE3488439
Drip coffee machine KA 5763 CAPRICE, silver, Severin SEVEKA5763
Drip coffee machine PLISSÉ 1,5 l, grey, Alessi ALMDL14G
Drip coffee machine PLISSÉ 1,5 l, white, Alessi ALMDL14W
Drip coffee machine SMART'N'LIGHT CM600810,black, Tefal TEFCM600810
Milk frother PLISSÉ, grey, Alessi
135 €
Milk frother PLISSÉ, red, Alessi
135 €
Milk frother PLISSÉ, white, Alessi
135 €
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Coffee machines

If you are a real coffee lover you certainly wish you could make top-quality, coffee-shop style coffee at home. Obviously, with powerful and big coffee machines dedicated to cafes, this is in most cases possible but if you use high-quality coffee beans and a premium brand coffee machine your regular, morning cup of coffee can taste surprisingly well!

What kind of coffee machine should I buy for my home?

  • Automatic coffee machines – fully automatic coffee and espresso makers with built-in coffee grinders that are perfect for those who are in rush and would like to make a cup of perfectly brewed coffee in seconds and with a push of the button.
  • Semi-automatic coffee machines – semi-automatic espresso makers are the most popular espresso machines. They require the user to grind coffee beans and tamper the grounds manually before fitting the portafilter into the coffee machine. They put the brewing process entirely in your hands so you can feel like a Real barista!
  • Pod coffee machines – coffee pod machines are an easy and quick way to get a cup of coffee and all machines of this kind work similar - you load in a coffee pod, press the button, and the machine pumps hot water from a reservoir, through the pod, and into a cup.
  • Drip coffee machines – easy and perfect for those who like to have a big pot of hot coffee at hand. The automatic drip machine heats the water and drains it onto a filter with roasted, ground coffee to seep through it, absorbing the coffee's flavour and aromas. The water then passes through a paper filter into a coffee pot

Choose the type of coffee machine that best suits your needs and if you are looking for something smaller have a look at stovetop espresso pots, french presses or slow drip coffee makers.