Spice mills

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Electric salt or pepper mill, wood, WMF
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Salt and pepper mill set CERAMIL, wood, WMF WM0652314500
Salt and pepper mill set SPICES, steel, Zwilling ZW39500025
Electric salt and pepper mill set CERAMIL, WMF WM667339990
Electric salt and pepper mill set ZELI, Peugeot PG228480
Electric salt mill ALASKA, Peugeot
57,70 €
Electric salt mill ELIS SENSE, Peugeot
95,40 €
Electric salt or pepper mill, silver, WMF WM0667346030
Electric spice mill, black WMF
43,90 €
Electric spice mill, white, WMF
43,90 €
Grinder RÅ Rosendahl 20 cm brown
56,95 €
Chilli mill, black, Microplane
30,49 €
Multifunkční mlýnek SMMG01 Smeg
95 €
Nutmeg mill MADRAS 15 cm, chocolate, Peugeot PG33095
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Salt and pepper grinders, shakers and spice mills - grind it, shake it, spice it up!

Why do I need a spice mill?

Adding fresh ground spices to your dishes can really make a difference! How come? Whole spices contain oils that make them taste amazing and these oils are released while you use the spice grinder. As soon as whole spices are ground, they come into contact with light and air, and if stored for a longer time, loose their flavours and aromas. That's why it's important to have some spice mills always at hand in your kitchen or on your dining table to be able to add a flavor boost to the food you serve.

Grinding up tough, dried whole spices requires the use of a spice mill, also known as a spice grinder. Both a coarse and fine powder may be produced and salt and pepper mills are two examples of basic spice grinders that every kitchen needs.

What are the types of spice mills?

Electric and manual spice grinders are the two primary varieties.

  • electric spice grinders can be charged via cable or powered by batteries. Since an electric spice grinder requires less physical effort than a manual one, it is an excellent option when it comes to convenience.
  • a manual, table spice grinder is a good option if you want to have a better control over the amount of salt or pepper being added to your dish and if you want to bring your spices to the table. Make sure your manual salt or pepper mill has an adjustable grinding mechanism so that you can control not only the amount but also the structure of your spices.

You should also remember that you need different spice grinders for dry and wet spices or ingredients such as flax seeds. Manual spice mills are usually not suitable for wet ingredients which you can grind in special mills, electric grinders or regular coffee grinder.

Of course you can also use regular salt and pepper shakers, which are extremely handy for everyday use. Neither spice mills nor shakers have to be boring. Thanks to the different designs available in Kulina you can match these accessories to the style of your home. They also make great gifts - especially when in a set. And if you are looking for something special and tasty at the same time check our offer of spices & specials that will add a lot of flavour and aroma to your kitchen.

Both manual and electric spice mills together with our salt and pepper shakers are available at Kulina in a variety of colors, capacities, sizes, brands, and materials. Check legendary spice mills by Peugeot, reliable salt and pepper grinders by Cole & Mason, stylish spice mills by Kahler, original salt and pepper shakers by Philippi.