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Hand lotion SATOMI FUJI TEA 300 ml, Blomus
Hand soap SATOMI FRESH LAUNDRY 500 ml, Blomus
Hand soap SATOMI FUJI TEA 500 ml, Blomus
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Hand soap SATOMI MODERN LEMON 500 ml, Blomus
Disinfectant liquid dispenser 11 cm, black, Eva Solo ES567900
Liquid soap dispenser 150 ml, grey, Eva Solo ES530676
Liquid soap dispenser 180 ml, matte black, Eva Solo ES530668
Liquid soap dispenser 180 ml, matte white, Eva Solo ES530669
Liquid soap dispenser 200 ml, grey, Brabantia BRAB302503
Liquid soap dispenser 200 ml, matt black, Brabantia BRAB128448
Liquid soap dispenser 200 ml, white, Brabantia BRAB108181
Liquid soap dispenser 250 ml, Brabantia
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Liquid soap dispenser 250 ml, white, Brabantia BRAB280269
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Soap dispensers – make your bathroom more convenient

What are soap dispensers?

A soap dispenser is a device designed to release liquid soap in a regulated way. Depending on the type of dispenser and the user's preferences, soap dispensers can hold liquid soap, foam soap, or powdered soap. They can be automatic or operated manually.

They are often used in public toilets, medical facilities, dining establishments, and other places where maintaining good hand hygiene is essential to limiting the transmission of germs and illnesses.

Kulina has chosen soap dispensers with great design and high quality from well-known producers including Brabantia, Blomus, and Eva Solo. They come in different materials and colours so we are sure you will be able to pick a soap dispenser that will match the style of your bathroom. However, if you prefer to use traditional soap, check out our offer of soap dishes.

What are the benefits of soap dispensers?

The use of soap dispensers has many advantages:

  • Hygiene: By dispensing a regulated amount of soap, soap dispensers serve to promote proper hand hygiene by lowering the likelihood of cross-contamination and the transmission of germs and bacteria.
  • Convenience: Soap dispensers need little effort to use and are simple to operate and you don't need to clean them as often as standard soap dishes
  • Cost-effective: When compared to conventional soap bars, soap dispensers are a more affordable option. They assist to minimise the quantity of soap used and prevent waste since they dispense a regulated amount, which lessens the need for replenishing.
  • Environmental benefits: As many soap dispensers can be refilled and used again, less plastic waste from soap bottles that are only used once is produced. Soap dispensers are now a greener choice as a result.
  • Aesthetics: Soap dispensers are available in a range of designs, colours, and materials, all of which can improve the visual attractiveness of the immediate surroundings. They also lessen the clutter and waste that are associated with conventional soap bars, which after repeated use can get slimy and nasty.

As soap dispensers are part of modern bathroom collections of bathroom accessories they can be accompanied by other matching bathroom accessories to give the place a more unified appearance.

Should I choose a soap dispenser or a soap dish?

There are several things to take into account when choosing between a soap dispenser and a soap dish, including cleanliness, practicality, price, and aesthetics. Soap dishes are a cheaper alternative, but they need more frequent cleanup and replacement and may have a negative impact on the overall aesthetic of the room. However, some people prefer to wash their hands with a soap bar so the choice depends on your preferences.

Although they could be more expensive up front, soap dispensers are often more sanitary, practical, and visually pleasant than soap dishes.