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Placemat IM 50 x 35 cm, brown, jute, Bloomingville
Cloth napkin LINEO 42 x 42 cm, sand, linen, Blomus BM63729
Cloth napkin, set of 2 pcs, cream, Bitz BITZ12299
Cloth napkin, set of 2 pcs, grey, Bitz BITZ12298
Cloth napkin, set of 2 pcs, olive, Bitz
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Coaster 10 cm, set of 6 pcs, cork, Continenta CONT1501
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Table textiles – your table dressed for the occasion!

Table textiles are a very important element of setting a table not only for some special occasions but also for every breakfast or dinner that you have at home. The textiles you use in your dining room can completely change the look and character of this space so make sure you pay attention to the way you dress your table.

What are the different types of table textiles?

Table linens are made from different types of fabric and are intended for repeated use at the table, during meals but also as a decoration of the tabletop. They include such items as:

  • tablecloths in different sizes and shapes
  • table runners (narrow cloths placed at the centre of the table or in a set of two or three, depending on the length of the table, used usually as decorative items, also together with a tablecloth)
  • table napkins
  • table placemats (made from different kinds of material, often used without and instead of a tablecloth)
  • coasters (made from sturdy materials, resistant to high temperature for tabletop protection)

What is the best fabric to be used for your table textiles?

If you are looking for table textiles for everyday use, choose cotton or polyester-cotton blends as they are easy to clean and durable (you can wash them repeatedly and they will last). For special occasions such as Christmas or Easter, you may want to go for something more elegant, easier for embroidering and delicate such as silk or satin.

Why should you use table textiles?

Table textiles can change the character of your kitchen or dining room but also of every meal. It’s nice to have breakfast on an elegant placemat with a real napkin. A stylish runner will completely change the look of the Christmas table and a nice tablecloth may change a regular dinner into a very romantic, elegant evening.

Additionally, table textiles protect table tops from getting scratched by uneven plate bottoms and getting stained by hot dishes or a glass of wine so buying a nice set it’s not only a good way to decorate the table but it’s also very practical.