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Coaster 10 cm, set of 6 pcs, cork, Continenta CONT1501
Coaster LARETO, set of 6 pcs, black, Blomus BM63476
Coaster LARETO, set of 6 pcs, cream, Blomus BM64065
Coaster LARETO, set of 6 pcs, dark grey, Blomus BM64062
Coaster LARETO, set of 6 pcs, light grey, Blomus BM64063
Coaster LOFT BAR, set of 6 pcs, WMF
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Coaster, set of 4 pcs, brown, Litton
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Trivet 20 x 20 cm, cork, Continenta
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Coasters – protect your dining table in style

What are coasters?

A coaster is a little mat or pad used to shield the surface of a table or other piece of furniture when it is put on a drink glass or cup from heat, wetness, or stains. Coasters are often used in places where beverages are served, such as homes, restaurants, and bars to avoid scuffs, dings, and other harm from a glass or cup's wet, cold or hot base.

At Kulina, we offer coasters made of different materials, including wood, marble, silicon, cork and seagrass by such manufacturers like Blomus, Continenta, and WMF.

What are the benefits of using a coaster?

Using a coaster has a number of advantages:

  • Protection: Coasters shield the surfaces of furniture from stains, heat, and moisture caused by beverages. This keeps furniture appearing brand-new and averts damage that would be expensive to fix or replace.
  • Hygiene: The use of coasters lowers the danger of spreading diseases or germs from one person to another by creating a barrier between beverages and furniture surfaces. This is crucial in communal or public areas.
  • Convenience: Using coasters is simple, and they are easy to set under a drink. They are a practical and affordable alternative as they are also simple to clean and can be used repeatedly.
  • Aesthetics: Coasters can give your room or table setting some extra flair. Choosing a coaster that goes with the interior design or theme of a place is simple because we have them in a wide range of colours and shapes.

Where else can I use a coaster aside from the dining?

Coasters are not simply for use at the dining table; they can be used in many places. Here are some other places in which coasters may be helpful:

  • Living room: To shield surfaces from moisture and heat from drinks, coasters can be placed on coffee tables, end tables, and other surfaces in the living room.
  • Office: To prevent spills or markings from coffee cups, water bottles, or other liquids, coasters can be placed on workstations or conference tables.
  • Bedroom: Bedside tables can utilize coasters to shield moisture from water bottles or glasses.
  • Outdoor areas: To shield surfaces from moisture and heat from beverages, use coasters on patios, decks, and outdoor tables.

And if you want to protect your table you can also check our offer of placemats, tablecloths and trivets.