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Aluminium pastry beater 5KSMPB5W KitchenAid
49 €
Stand mixer Artisan 5KSM195PSEBE KitchenAid beetroot
Stand mixer SMF03GREU Smeg grey
549 €
Additional low-speed juicer KitchenAid
260 €
Attachment with strainer and a digital scale KitchenAid KA5KSMSFTA
Bowl cover KitchenAid
Bowl cover KitchenAid
In stock (3 pcs)
31,49 €
Ceramic bowl 4,7 l royal red KitchenAid
104 €
Ceramic bowl 5KSM2CB5PSS KitchenAid white 4,83 l
104 €
Ceramic bowl for bread with lid for baking KitchenAid 4,83 l KA5KSM2CB5BGS
Ceramic bowl KitchenAid 5KSM2CB 4,83 l black serrated KA5KSM2CB5PBS
Ceramic bowl KitchenAid 5KSM2CB 4,83 l matt Black
104 €
Ceramic bowl KitchenAid 5KSM2CB 4,83 l mocca
104 €
Ceramic bowl KitchenAid 5KSM2CB 4,83 l scattered confetti KA5KSM2CB5PCS
Ceramic bowl KitchenAid 5KSM2CB 4,83 l white chocolate KA5KSM2CB5LW
Ceramic bowl KitchenAid 5KSM2CB 4,83 l white scalloped KA5KSM2CB5PWS
Cookies maker 5KSMCCA KitchenAid
31,49 €
Dice slicer for Food processor 3,1 l KitchenAid
92 €
Dice slicer for Food processor KitchenAid
95,99 €
Dough hook SMDH01 Smeg
Dough hook SMDH01 Smeg
In stock (4 pcs)
29,49 €
Flat beater 5K452B KitchenAid
31,49 €
Flat beater for robot Heavy Duty KitchenAid
31,49 €
Flat beater with flexi spatula for robot 6,9 l KitchenAid KA5KFE7T
Flat beater with flexistick for KitchenAid Mini food processor KA5KFE35T
Flat stainless beater KitchenAid
104 €
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Food processors and stand mixers – your best friends forever

If you cook a lot, if you are a foodie or if you are looking for a way to make cooking and food preparation easier and faster, you will for sure want to buy yourself one of the multifunctional food processors or stand mixers that can ‘do it all' in seconds. A powerful food processor allows you to quickly prepare homemade dishes (even the most complex ones) from fresh ingredients and without additives and preservatives. Multifunctional food processors and stand mixers open a whole world of new possibilities from chopping the ingredients, through mixing them, to creating complete dishes so if it sounds like something you could use on an everyday basis or at weekends, this is certainly an appliance worth investing in.

What You Can Do With a Food Processor or a powerful stand mixer with many accessories?

  • Chop different kinds of ingredients (vegetables, nuts, herbs, etc.)
  • Grind or mince (meat, hard bread, oats and nuts)
  • Mix and blend (cake dough, soups, hummus, pesto, dressings)
  • Puree (baby food, nut butter, vegetable purees, mayonnaise)
  • Shred or grate (cheeses, cabbage, potato, carrots)
  • Slice (veggies and fruits)
  • Knead (pasta, pizza, bread dough
  • Make homemade ice cream

How to choose a food processor or a stand mixer?

There are a lot of different food processors and stand mixers on the market. The most important thing is the motor power of this appliance so choose the one that is powerful and won’t burn at the first hard task. Choose an appliance that matches your needs and the type of foods you like to eat and recipes you would like to try. When choosing your stand mixer don’t forget to choose the colour to match your kitchen’s décor or your other appliances.