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Lighting - let's change the atmosphere!

Lighting plays an extremely important part in interior design. It can upgrade your room with a great lamp, create a friendly mood, underline the textures and design items or… spoil everything with bad lighting.

How many lamps do I need in a room?

There is no fixed number of lamps to be used in a room but one is surely not enough. One of the most important rules of lighting a space is layered lighting which involves the use of multiple lighting types to create a well-lit and balanced interior with a great atmosphere. Using multiple light sources – ceiling lamps, table lamps, wall lights and floor lamps - allows for a smooth transition from a bright room used to work in the daytime or after to a cosy space for having a rest in the evening or a dim room for watching your favourite series.

The role of lighting

Lamps can play different roles when it comes to designing your space. The most important types of lighting are:

  • Ambient or general lighting (provides a room with overall illumination and creates enough light for you to see, work and move around comfortably and safely),
  • Task lighting (serves special purposes – work, reading, food preparation, etc),
  • Accent lighting (creates a focal point, adds dimension and can be used to draw attention to a piece of artwork, a plant or to highlight a unique design element)
  • Mood lighting (creates a cosy, intimate, friendly and warm atmosphere in the interior)
  • Decorative lighting (serves purely decorative purposes)

Types of lighting

In order to make sure your space is well lit and looks good both in the daytime and during the evening or night use different types of lamps:

  1. Ceiling lamps – main light sources

Ceiling lamps are usually the main light source in a room. Depending on the size and style of your interior you can choose between decorative chandeliers, stylish pendant lamps, modern spotlights or timeless and minimalistic plafonds.

  1. Table lamps – best mood creators

There are many different types of table lamps that serve different purposes. Place some bedside table lamps by the bed for a cosy mood in your bedroom, choose a practical desk lamp for work or a purely decorative, modern table lamp to be placed on a coffee table in your living room. For a nice twist in your kitchen you can even place a small table lamp on the kitchen top and if you are a fan of modern classic interiors, don’t forget to put a pair of console lamps on a dresser or console table.

Table lamps are the easiest way to create a friendly atmosphere in the interior, an atmosphere that will allow for relaxation after a hard day's work, so don’t forget to include them in your lighting plan.

  1. Wall lights

Wall lamps usually serve as an accent or mood lighting and you should consider using them not only in a hallway or in the bathroom on both sides of the mirror but also in the living room and bedroom. Wall lamps are also very often used as bedside lamps, especially if you like to read before sleep or in the industrial or Scandi-style kitchen, as kitchen worktop lighting.

They are also great for focusing attention on particular objects, decorations or pieces of furniture and help you move around the house during the night without turning on the main light source.

  1. Floor lamps

Floor lamps are great for lighting up dark corners of your room, they can serve purely decorative purposes or highlight the style of your interior. You can choose from many different types of standing lamps and put them next to the sofa or your favourite armchair or in a bedroom to create a cosy and warm atmosphere.

How do I choose lamps for lighting my room?

Before you choose particular lamps think about your space carefully. What are you going to do in this room? What will be the main function of the interior or will there be more than one functional area in the room and – accordingly – what role the lamps should play? Think about the style and choose lamps that go well with it. Mix and match different types of lighting and don’t be afraid to go for designer lamps that will add a pinch of character to your home!

Lighting by Kulina

In Kulina you will find all the lamps that you need to light your space – indoor and outdoor. Choose from the range of designer brands that offer modern lamps for every interior style. You will find minimalistic light sources as well as classic ones – black, white, golden lamps as well as colourful projects for more dynamic interiors. You can also choose from lamps made from glass, metal or plastic, in different sizes and shapes.