The Forged brand stands for a unique collection of hand-forged knives with hammered blades. Their durability, reliability, and beautiful wooden packaging make Forged knives a perfect gift for any chef.
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Boning knife SEBRA 16 cm, Forged
70 €
Bread knife BRUTE 20,5 cm, Forged
68 €
Bread Knife INTENSE 20,5 cm, Forged
68,99 €
Bread knife KATAI 20,5 cm, Forged
126 €
Bread knife OLIVE 20,5 cm, olive wood handle, Forged FORGEDSDV305195
Bread knife SEBRA 20,5 cm, Forged
69 €
Butcher knife KATAI 25,5 cm, Forged
149 €
Butcher knife SEBRA 25,5 cm, Forged
79 €
Butcher's knife BRUTE 25,5 cm, Forged FORGEDSDV620834
Butcher's knife OLIVE 25,5 cm, olive wood handle, Forged FORGEDSDV620773
Cleaver knife OLIVE 19 cm, olive wood handle, Forged FORGEDSDV623200
Diamond sharpening steel KATAI 26 cm, Forged FORGEDSDV625426
Filleting knife BRUTE 20,5 cm, Forged FORGEDSDV304044
Filleting Knife KATAI 20,5 cm, Forged
129 €
Filleting knife OLIVE 20,5 cm, olive wood handle, Forged FORGEDSDV305164
Filleting knife SEBRA 20,5 cm, Forged
70 €
Honing rod INTENSE 26 cm, Forged
79 €
Honing rod OLIVE 26 cm, olive wood handle, Forged FORGEDSDV305379
Honing rod SEBRA 26 cm, steel, Forged FORGEDSDV623613
Chef's knife BRUTE 20,5 cm, Forged
74 €
Chef's knife INTENSE 20,5 cm, Forged FORGEDSDV304495
Chef's knife KATAI 20,5 cm, Forged
131 €
Chef's knife OLIVE 20,5 cm, olive wood handle, Forged FORGEDSDV305225
Chef's knife SEBRA 20,5 cm, Forged
74 €
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Forged brand - out of love for cooking and dining

The idea to create a brand that would offer a distinctive, attractive, high-quality but above all affordable knife range and to combine it with the Japanese tradition of knife forging was born in Netherlands in 2014.

In 2015 the Forged brand was launched with the first two knife ranges: Brute and Intense. Many chefs and amateur cooks loved the quality and the style of Forged knives and soon several new collections and new types of knives followed. Since 2021, Forged brand has been offering 6 different ranges – Katai, Olive, Sebra, VG10, Brute and Intense (you can read more about them HERE), each with its own characteristic, forged look and unique handle design. All Forged knives are marked with the Forged logo that is stamped into every knife.

But how are Forged knives made?

The idea behind the creation of Forged knives was to manufacture them in a traditional way. Forging is used to strengthen and unify the blade and high-quality forging by hand strengthens the knife even several times. Forged blades will not break easily as after appropriate heat treatment, they gain high resistance and durability.

So the founders of the Forged brand decided to contact a small but passionate knife factory with enthusiastic knife-makers, who produce each knife by hand in a traditional way. Their passion for knives and craftsmanship lies at the heart of Forged’s name, quality and characteristic look that is easily recognised.

Read more about how the knives by Forged brand are made here.