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Kids’ Knives - let your kids cook with you

Before now, providing any sort of knife to a child under the age of 10 seemed risky, but today's kid-friendly knives are effective tools for teaching kids confidence in the kitchen and for keeping them occupied while you cook.

Kulina offers kitchen knives designed for young cooks from 6 years of age, made by renowned companies such as F.DICK.

Kids knives let your kids participate in cooking healthy meals and thus understand the importance of preparing homemade meals that can be both tasty and full of vegetables. The size of blades and handles of these knives are specially adapted to the needs of small cooks. To prevent injuries, the blade tips are often rounded and well-shaped, ergonomic handles are made of a non-slip plastic. The blades or handles of kids' knives often feature decorative patterns, attractive for the little cooks.

When should I first introduce my child to a knife?

You can introduce your child to knives as early as two years old, even though a child won't be able to wield one safely until they are about 6 or 7 years old. Start with kids' cutlery - spoons first, followed by kids-friendly forks and eventually knives. When your child has perfected the use of a knife and fork for eating dinner, you may start thinking about introducing him or her to a kitchen knife and involve them in easy cooking tasks.

How can I provide my child with some physical support when using a knife?

  • While you use the knife to chop your meal, you can allow the youngster to cling onto your hands.
  • Hands atop hands. You can cross your hand over the child's while you both hold the knife.
  • You can hold the end of the knife while the youngster holds the knife to aid with the motion.
  • You can assist the youngster by supporting and directing from the elbow while the child holds the knife.
  • Additionally, you may practice using a knife while engaging in other activities, such as playing with play dough or creating crafts.

Kid’s knives can cut through soft foods but are not as sharp as "adult" blades. They are a good way to inspire little chefs and teach them basic knife skills before they start using the right tools. Remember not to let your child use the knife when you are not in the kitchen.