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Kitchen utensils set – your necessary kitchen tools in one set

What kitchen utensils are usually included in the set?

The kitchen utensils included in a set can vary based on the manufacturer and the form of set you purchase. Usually, a basic set of cooking utensils include such kitchen tools as a mixing spoon, slotted spoon, soup ladle, turner or spatula.

At Kulina, we have a large collection of kitchen utensils sets from renowned manufacturers like Joseph Joseph, WMF, and Brabantia.

How to store your kitchen utensils set?

Although there are several ways to keep your kitchen utensils set, the ideal way to keep yours depends on the available space and your personal needs. The general rule says you should keep your basic utensils on the right side of your cooker (if you are right-handed). Here are a few typical strategies for keeping kitchen utensils organised:

Kitchen utensil organiser: This is a common option for keeping your kitchen utensils set in one place. You can choose from ceramic, stoneware, plastic or wooden organisers (some rotating) in interesting colours and designs. Check the utensil organisers we have for you in Kulina and see other practical solutions we have for you in the kitchen organisers category.

Kitchen utensil holder: Some kitchen utensil sets come with a rotatable holder with hooks for all utensils included in the set. This method is practical since it keeps your countertop neat and makes it simple to access your cooking tools.

Hanging rack: If you have limited space on your kitchen worktop, you can consider using a hanging rack with hooks. Hanging racks come in a wide variety of styles and can be made of metal or wood depending on the style of your kitchen.

Drawer organiser: Keeping your utensils in a drawer organiser is an alternative approach. Drawer organisers come in a range of forms and sizes and are made to hold various types of utensils. This method keeps your utensils hidden and is perfect if you don't have much counter space. To make your kitchen utensils simpler to access when you're cooking, you can also think about grouping them by type (for example, spoons, spatulas, and tongs).

Kitchen utensils are essential kitchen equipment and if you want to see what are other kitchen accessories it is worth investing in, check out our shopping guide for the 10 essentials every kitchen needs.