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Bottle opener UTILO, cream, Blomus
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Can opener PRO, Zwilling
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Can openers – an easy way to open your canned food

What are the different types of can openers?

Can openers come in a variety of designs, but they can all be categorised as either manual or electric can openers.

Manual Opener: The most popular kind of can opener is the manual one, which is turned by hand and has a serrated wheel that slashes into the can lid as you turn the handle.

Electric can opener: An electric can opener is a powered machine that rotates the can automatically and uses a blade to cut through the lid. They can cost more than a manual can openers, but they are also simpler to use and may be a suitable choice for senior users, those with weak hand muscles or poor manual dexterity.

What is the correct way to use a manual can opener?

When using a hand-operated can opener, it's necessary to be careful because the blade can be sharp and dangerous if used improperly. Here are the steps for using a hand can opener correctly:

  • Position the can opener: The can opener should be placed such that the blade wheel is directly over the top of the can lid.
  • Clamp the can opener: Open the arms of the can opener and fit them firmly onto the top of the can. The can's lid should support the blade wheel.
  • Cut the can: Rotate the blade wheel by twisting the can opener handle to cut through the can lid. Apply enough pressure to create a clean cut while keeping the blade wheel centred over the top of the can lid.
  • Remove the lid: Once the entire lid has been cut around, use the can opener's little built-in pliers to lift the lid away from the can. The can lid should then be thrown away in a secure location.

After use, clean the can opener by wiping it down with a moist towel to remove any debris. Then, put it in your kitchen drawer.

Why do my can openers always break?

Your can openers can often break for many reasons, including poor quality, careless handling, corrosion, wear and tear, and even storage arrangement.

Bad quality: Can openers made of inexpensive, poor-quality materials very often break. We provide durable, high-quality can openers in Kulina from well-known producers like Victorinox, Zwilling, WMF or Fissler.

Rust: If you don't wash and dry your can opener immediately after use, its parts may begin to rust and are more likely to break. To prevent rust keep your can opener dry and spotless.

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