Kitchen graters

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Box grater INGENIO, 2-sided, Tefal
24,49 €
Box grater TOP TOOLS, WMF
Box grater TOP TOOLS, WMF
In stock (28 pcs)
54,90 €
Citrus peeler PRO, Zwilling
20,49 €
Coarse hand grater PROFESSIONAL, Microplane MI38008
Fine hand grater FUNCTIONAL FORM, Fiskars FISK1014412
Fine hand grater PROFI PLUS, WMF
26,90 €
Garlic grater SPECIALITY, Microplane
20,49 €
Ginger grater, WMF
Ginger grater, WMF
In stock (27 pcs)
16,90 €
Grater 4 sides WMF
Grater 4 sides WMF
In stock (1 pcs)
43,90 €
Grater BUCKET, stainless steel, Eva Solo ES567125
Hand grater INGENIO, Tefal
Hand grater INGENIO, Tefal
In stock (11 pcs)
14,49 €
Hand grater UNIVERSAL, WMF
32,90 €
Cheese grater PROFI PLUS, WMF
26,90 €
Julienne grater GOURMET, Microplane
29 €
Mandoline slicer, 4 exchangeable grating blades, WMF WM0644406040
Mandoline slicer, WMF
Mandoline slicer, WMF
In stock (4 pcs)
27,90 €
Parmesan cheese grater GOURMET, Microplane MI45009
Ribbon grater PROFESSIONAL, Microplane
31,10 €
Rotační struhadlo na sýr
38,90 €
Rotary cheese mill GOURMET, WMF
46,90 €
Spice grater PREMIUM, red, Microplane
17,49 €
Ultra coarse hand grater GOURMET, Microplane MI45011
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Kitchen grater – your indispensable food preparation tool

Manual kitchen Graters

A grater is a kitchen tool with pointed holes commonly used to grate vegetables, cheese, lemon or orange peel (to create zest), spices (ginger, garlic or nutmeg), and can also be used to grate other soft foods (like butter). It is an essential kitchen item used very often in every kitchen alongside a spiraliser or mandoline slicers.

How do I ensure safety while using my grater?

Although grating is much safer than chopping meat with a knife some care needs to be taken when using it. You can use protective covers for your fingers and our graters contain rubber stoppers at the bottom or the edges to prevent unwanted slippage.

What kind of graters do I have to pick from?

There are different types of kitchen graters and the choice depends on the result you want to achieve and the food you want to grate.

Multi-sided graters: This kind of grater usually has four blade surfaces, with different types of holes (large, smaller, raspy, slicing). The handle at the top provides a firm grip and different grating surfaces make this type of grater a versatile kitchen tool.

Flat grater: This type of grater (also called box grater) is very simple to use as it's flat, rests nicely on any bowl, and is the easiest to store. It has a single grating plate with relatively big grating surface.

Zester: Also called a citrus zester or lemon zester is a narrow rasp-style grater for obtaining zest from lemons and other citrus fruit but it's also very useful for grating garlic, ginger, nutmeg or hard cheese like Parmesan.

Drum grater: Drum grater with interchangeable grating drums for fine or coarse grating is a perfect tool for grating larger quantities of cheese, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, zucchinis or chocolate. The food is placed in the drum and grated by rotating a handle.

Kitchen graters available in Kulina

In Kulina we offer a great selection of kitchen graters from reputable manufacturers including Microplane, WMF, and Fiskars.

Microplane graters are famous all over the world and they are used by the best chefs and in the best restaurants. Microplane zester is probably one of the most popular graters all over the world so make sure you have it in your kitchen.

And if you need to grate a larger amount of food, you can use one of our food processors or electric choppers and chredders.