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Appetizer plate BLUE BLUR 19 cm, blue, ceramics, MIJ MIJC4083
Appetizer plate WABI SABI 19 cm, brown, ceramics, MIJ MIJC1014
Dinner plate BB BLACK 28 cm, black, ceramics, MIJ MIJC0653
Dinner plate BLUE BLUR 28,5 cm, blue, ceramics, MIJ MIJC4080
Dinner plate GREEN FADE 28 cm, green, ceramics, MIJ MIJC4000
Dinner plate WABI SABI 25 cm, brown, ceramics, MIJ MIJC1012
Dinner plate WABI SABI 28,5 cm, brown, ceramics, MIJ MIJC1011
Dinner plate WHITE FADE 28 cm, white, ceramics, MIJ MIJC0673
Appetizer plate AKANE GREY 16 cm, MIJ
16,49 €
Appetizer plate AURORA 20 cm, MIJ
14,29 €
Appetizer plate BB BLACK 21 cm, MIJ
15,39 €
Appetizer plate BLACK PEARL 17 cm, MIJ
10,99 €
Appetizer plate BLACK PEARL, 20 cm, MIJ
14,29 €
Appetizer plate BLUE DAISY 23 cm, MIJ
21,99 €
Appetizer plate CARACTERE 15 cm, brown, REVOL RV652849
Appetizer plate CARACTERE 15 cm, khaki, REVOL RV652848
Appetizer plate CARACTERE 15 cm, mint, REVOL RV652846
Appetizer plate CARACTERE 15 cm, nutmeg, REVOL RV652844
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Dinner Plates - the most important plates of all

A dinner plate is a plate usually used for main dishes during dinner or for lunch. Many people, however, prefer to use large dinner plates also for breakfast as they find breakfast or dessert plates too small. A standard dinner plate used to have a diameter of 26,5 cm but in recent years, increasing numbers of restaurants and users choose to use larger dinner plates with a diameter of up to 30 cm.

How to choose dinner plates for your table?

Before you decide on a specific model, consider the size of a plate and the storage space you have. Bear in mind that usually, one set of dinner plates is not enough and that you should have at least two sets for different occasions or different types of table settings. Choose a style and material that best suits your interior and other dinnerware that you already have.

What sorts of materials are used to make dinner plates?

Prior to thinking about patterns and colours, it is good to concentrate on the sort of material you actually want. This is a good starting point for choosing also other elements of tableware - cutlery, glassware or serving dishes.

Dinner plates are usually made of porcelain, ceramics or stoneware.

  • Porcelain dinner plates

The high firing temperatures of porcelain result in a material with a non-porous surface and extraordinary durability. Usually, porcelain plates are dishwasher and microwave safe, are very versatile and a set of dinner plates made of white porcelain will serve you on many occasions.

  • Ceramic dinner plates

One of the most popular materials for dinner plates is ceramic. In contrast to porcelain, ceramic plates are created using coarse clay fired at lower temperatures, resulting in a porous substance with decreased hardness.

The cost of ceramics is smaller than the cost of porcelain, and you may still get quite excellent finishes that are perfect for homes, small bakeries, pastry shops, and cafés that like a more casual, rustical look.

  • Stoneware dinner plates

These sets feature a unique glaze that provides the material with a smooth appearance and an impermeable surface, making them perfect for regular use. Avoid subjecting stoneware to extreme heat or cold if you want to use it for a long time. Remember that hand-painted plates might need to be washed by hand.

At Kulina, we offer an excellent range of dinner plates from a variety of renowned manufacturers, including MIJ, Revol, Eva Solo, and Bitz. You can as well check out our collection of soup plates or dining bowls to make your dinnerware complete and practical.