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Digital food scale, black, WMF
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Digital food scale, grey, Brabantia
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Kitchen Scales – getting exact measurements during your meal preparation

Do you need a kitchen scale?

Kitchen scales are very useful kitchen measuring tools used to weigh different types of ingredients. And you need these exact amounts to become successful when following a variety of recipes. You can use a kitchen scale and a kitchen bowl to accurately measure liquids, dry ingredients, and chopped or sliced fruit or vegetables.

A kitchen scale is also very useful to monitor the amount of sugar or carbs when you are on a diet.

Different kitchen scales offered in Kulina have different size, display types (mechanical or electronic), sizes and functions so before you choose a kitchen scale for your kitchen, make sure it meets all your needs and expectations both when it comes to practical usage, style and storage.

What does the tare function do on a digital kitchen scale?

One of the most important functions a digital kitchen scale can offer is the tare function that zeroes the scale and automatically deducts the weight of a kitchen bowl or plate from your measurement.

To tare a scale means also to zero out the weight of whatever was already on the scale or in the bowl so that you can add many ingredients one after another without the need to empty the scale every time you add a new ingredient. This allows you to see the precise weight of your every ingredient without having to bother about the arithmetic.

Is a kitchen scale good for weight loss?

Yes. A kitchen scale will provide more accurate results if you're trying to lose weight, especially if you monitor your calorie intake and use an application to add all your meals with exact measures. It will also give you a hint of how much you actually eat which is good for all beginners who start their journey and try to maintain their nutritional objectives.

How can I measure food without a kitchen scale?

It could be a bit challenging to measure precisely without a kitchen scale. However, because measuring cups and jugs are well-calibrated, you can use them for your measurements. They are handy in weighing out liquid or powdered ingredients. You can also use a cup or a spoon but bear in mind they are not as accurate as scales or measuring cups.

In Kulina, you can get different kitchen scales from well-known producers such as WMF, Brabantia, and ETA. Check us out today!