Kitchen measures

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Dressing shaker GOOD GRIPS 350 ml, black, plastic, OXO OXO1188500
Dressing shaker GRAND CRU 250 ml, black, Rosendahl RSD16096
Fat separator GOOD GRIPS 1,0 l, black, plastic, OXO OXO11273200
Measuring cups, set of 4 pcs, de Buyer
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Measuring jug 500 ml, glass, WMF
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Measuring jug GOOD GRIPS 1,0 l, plastic, OXO OXO1050588
Measuring jug GOOD GRIPS 250 ml, plastic, OXO OXO1050585
Measuring jug GOOD GRIPS 500 ml, plastic, OXO OXO1050586
Measuring jug GOOD GRIPS 60 ml, plastic, OXO OXO1238480
Measuring jug POP GOOD GRIPS 120 ml, plastic, OXO OXO11235200
Measuring jug POP GOOD GRIPS 30 ml, plastic, OXO OXO11235500
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Kitchen measuring tools – cook with precision down to the gram

Kitchen Measures and measuring tools

Kitchen measures are used to calculate and determine the precise quantity of an ingredient needed to prepare a desired dish. Recipes specify the quantities of ingredients by weight, volume, or by cups or spoons. To measure the right amount of ingredients you need some practical measurement tools, such as measuring cups, measuring jugs or kitchen scales. Measuring cups and jugs are great for measuring both fluid and dry ingredients.

For you to accurately measure your ingredients and get your desired results, Kulina has a variety of kitchen measuring tools from renowned brands like WMF, Joseph Joseph and de Buyer.

Why do you need kitchen measures for baking?

Whether it is a cake you are baking, muffins, or biscuits, accurately measuring your ingredients is essential to achieving a successful product. Baking is really just a series of chemical reactions that take place between ingredients to make the final product and thus, the ratio of the ingredients has to be perfect which is why precise measurements are crucial.

What are the differences between measuring cups and measuring jugs?

Measuring cups and measuring jugs are the two main types of measuring tools. Measuring jugs are better when you want to measure bigger amounts of ingredients or liquids like water, milk, cream or broth. Measuring cups are better for measuring small amounts of dry ingredients such as baking soda, cinnamon, flour, sugar, etc.

Typically, measuring jugs are made of glass or plastic, are transparent and often come with a handle. They have measures on walls suited for different types of ingredients - liquid, dry, different textures, etc.

Measuring cups are usually made of plastic or metal and come in a set of different sizes and capacities.

What to take into consideration when buying measuring cups or jugs?

Although you can always measure out the amount of ingredients needed for your recipe with a cup or spoon, it's always easier and safer to use a measuring jug and cups. They are handy, accurate and essential in every kitchen. When choosing kitchen measuring tools always make sure the measurements they provide are given in the units you are familiar with.