Butter dishes

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Butter dishes – keeping your butter fresh

What are butter dishes?

Tableware known as "butter dishes" is used to serve and store butter. They generally have a stick or block of butter storage capacity, and they are available in a range of materials and designs to accommodate various kinds of butter.

Typically, a butter dish has two components: a base and a cover/lid. To keep the butter fresh and shield it from the air and other pollutants, the butter is placed on the base and the lid is placed over top.

At Kulina, our butter dishes are carefully selected from renowned manufacturers such as Koziol, WMF, and Continenta.

Where can I put a butter dish?

Your butter dish can be placed in a variety of locations depending on your preferences and position. These are a few typical choices:

  • Kitchen worktop: If you regularly use butter and want to have it close to your hand, keep your butter dish there. This is a practical choice that enables you to quickly get a pat of butter anytime you require one.
  • Tabletop: You can also set the butter dish on the tabletop if you're serving dinner and want your guests to have access to butter. Everyone can now easily get the butter and treat themselves.
  • Fridge: You can put your butter in the butter dish in the fridge if you want to keep it cool or want to keep it from melting in warm weather. If you live in a hot area or during the summer, this is especially crucial.

Why are small dishes/accessories like butter dishes important in elegant table settings?

An attractive table arrangement is vital because it gives the presentation a sense of class and refinement. Small dishes and accessories, such as butter dishes, honey jars, jam jars, play a key role in this.

These little touches can enhance the dining experience for guests and give them a feeling of importance and care. Having specific dishes for condiments like honey also aids in maintaining the table's order and cleanliness.

Additionally, using appealing and well-designed butter dishes or accessories can also contribute to the table's overall aesthetic, improving the setting's visual attractiveness.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the look of your table, we also offer various small serving accessories like egg stands, bread baskets, sugar bowls or milk jugs.