Fire pit accessories

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Grill extension set M, Remundi
323 €
Fireplace tool set ASHI, 3 pcs, brown, Blomus BM66157
Grill plate over open fire FS56 56 cm, Petromax PET701683
PHP203011 1 PHP203011
Grill plate FS48 48 cm, Petromax
111 €
Additional base for ELLIPSE fire pit, Höfats HO060501
Indoor firewood holder GLOBE, Eva Solo
89,95 €
Tripod for cooking over fire, Petromax PET701256
Seat for the fire pit CUBE, bamboo, Höfats HO020201
Grill plate for CUBE fire pit, Höfats HO020501
Frying grill ring with lid 24/5, Remundi RMDI800835
Grill plate for TRIPLE fire pit, Höfats HO050201
Base for BOWL fire pit, Höfats
59 €
Frying grill ring with lid 20/5, Remundi RMDI800832
Grill lid, Remundi
Grill lid, Remundi
In stock (1 pcs)
46 €
Frying grill ring with lid 14/5, Remundi RMDI800829
Seat for the fire pit CRATE, bamboo, Höfats HO120201
Additional pole for TRIPLE fire pit 40 cm, Höfats HO050601