Dough scrapers

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Dough scrapers – an easy way to handle your dough

What is a dough scraper?

A dough scraper, often referred to as a bench scraper, is a culinary utensil frequently used in baking for handling cake, pizza or bread dough. Typically, it features a handle and a flat, rectangular blade made of stainless steel, metal, or plastic.

The blade can scrape up and move dough bits, cut dough, and clean surfaces like worktops, cutting boards, or your rolling pin. For simple dough portioning, certain dough scrapers additionally have measures marked on the blade.

They are an indispensable tool for bakers since they facilitate and speed up the handling and shaping of the dough.

What do you use a dough scraper for?

A dough scraper can be used for different purposes in baking, which include:

  • Cutting and dividing dough: The dough scraper's flat blade makes it simple to cut through soft dough and divide it into equal halves.
  • Dough lifting and moving: You can equally use the dough scraper to move dough across surfaces, such as from a chopping board to a baking tray.
  • Surface cleaning: The scraper can also be used to remove any dough or other particles from your worktop, making it simpler to maintain a clean workspace during baking.
  • Dough shaping: You can as well shape your dough into the desired shapes by gently pressing down with the scraper.
  • Surface smoothing: When making bread or pizza crust, the scraper can be used to smooth the dough's surface.

What is the difference between a bench scraper and a dough scraper?

The words "bench scraper" and "dough scraper," are sometimes used interchangeably and may refer to the same culinary equipment that serves the same purpose. Both the bench and dough scraper have a handle and a blade that can be used in the kitchen for a range of activities, as mentioned above. The difference is that bench scraper (also called "bench knife") has a very thin and sharp blade made of metal, while dough scrapers may be made of plastic.

A dough scraper is a great addition to your collection of baking accessories and it also makes a great gift idea for any baking enthusiast.

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