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Egg slicer, WMF
Egg slicer, WMF
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Egg topper, WMF
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Egg slicers – having your egg evenly and perfectly sliced

What is an egg cutter/ slicer?

An egg slicer is a culinary tool used to slice peeled, hard-boiled eggs rapidly and uniformly into even slices. Typically, it comprises of a frame made of plastic, stainless steel, or metal with several wire blades that are usually pressed against an egg. For fast, perfect and hands-off egg boiling, check one of WMF's electric egg cookers and then slice your perfectly boiled ee using an egg slicer!

What are the main benefits of owning an egg slicer?

Timesaving is one of the key benefits of using an egg slicer. It is significantly faster than using a knife to slice through a hard-cooked egg quickly and effortlessly in just a few seconds. If you're in a hurry or need to prepare a lot of egg dishes, then this tool will be very handy.

Using an egg slicer also assures that all the slices are uniform, which is an amazing benefit. This is crucial for recipes like egg salad, and sandwiches, especially if you are serving eggs to your guests. An egg cutter ensures that each piece has the same size, which looks great on a plate.

Egg slicers are also incredibly simple to operate and easy to clean. Anyone can use them because they are safe, simple to use and don't require any specific knowledge or skills.

What else can you cut with an egg slicer?

The main purpose of an egg slicer is to cut cooked eggs into slices. However, there are some other applications for this kitchen appliance.

In addition to eggs, soft foodstuffs like mushrooms, strawberries, kiwis, and avocados can also be sliced with an egg slicer. Ensure that the food fits precisely within the egg chamber.

Blueberries, raspberries, and cherry tomatoes are also examples of fruits and vegetables that can be mashed with an egg slicer. Simply insert the item into the slicer and press down the wire to slice the food.

If there are times when you would prefer to have your egg served whole rather than chopped, then you should check our collection of egg stands for elegantly served breakfast.

In Kulina we provide you with a selection of great quality egg slicers from well-known manufacturers such as WMF.