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Pizza knives – cut your pizza like Italians do

What is the best knife for cutting the pizza?

The best knife for cutting pizza is a pizza knife (also called a pizza blade). It's a cutting tool used to cut pizza crust precisely and effortlessly with little damage to the toppings or the top layers.

The most popular pizza cutter is a pizza wheel cutter - made of a wheel with a sharp blade and a long handle. Thanks to the long handle your hand doesn't block your view and you can cut your pizza exactly how you wish. It is simple to use and store. Additionally, you can use a pizza wheel for other foods and creative projects.

Do Italians use a pizza cutter?

Yes, Italians do cut their pizza using a pizza knife. The "pizza Rotella," a cutter in the shape of a wheel, is a traditional pizza cutting tool in Italy. The pizza cutter is a more conventional and effective solution than other cutting implements, such as a knife.

How do you use a pizza blade?

Using a pizza blade is simple and safe (also for the kids who love pizza!) All you have to do is:

  • Place the pizza on a flat surface or a cutting board.
  • Place the pizza blade on the pizza's surface, holding the handle in one hand.
  • Cut through the pizza with the blade while rocking it and pushing gently.
  • Continue until the pizza has been sliced into the required number of slices.

To cut the pizza into neat and uniform slices, it's crucial to apply consistent, firm pressure. While some pizza cutters have a straight blade, others have a circular blade. The choice between the two blade styles is a matter of personal preference.

What is a pizza knife used for?

While pizza cutters are excellent for cutting pizza, they can also be used for a variety of other tasks. Use your pizza knife to:

  • cut lasagna and Foccacia
  • make salads by shredding lettuce, mincing and cutting different herbs,
  • cut toast sandwiches,
  • cut tarts, quiches and casseroles,
  • cut soft cakes like fudge and brownies

In Kulina you will find many pizza cutters from renowned manufacturers like WMF and Eva Solo. They have different shapes and designs and if you are a real pizza lover, make sure you check out our offer of outdoor pizza ovens.