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Bread knife CLASSIC WHITE 23 cm, Wüsthof WU1040201123
Ham knife CLASSIC 23 cm, white, Wüsthof WU1040200823
Ham knife CLASSIC WHITE 16 cm, Wüsthof
94,99 €
Chef's knife CLASSIC WHITE 20 cm, Wüsthof WU1040200120
Chef's knife INGENIO K1530214 16 cm, ceramic, Tefal TEFK1530214
Knife block ANGLED, white, Eva Solo
96 €
Knife block, for 6 knives, white, Zwilling ZW35101503
Magnetic knife stand, white, F.DICK
201 €
Pocket knife 11 cm, with fork and spoon, F.Dick FDCK8201111
Santoku knife CLASSIC WHITE 17 cm, Wüsthof WU1040231317
Santoku knife INGENIO K1530414 13 cm, ceramic, Tefal TEFK1530414
Sausage knife 11 cm, F.Dick
48,49 €
Sausage knife CLASSIC WHITE 14 cm, Wüsthof WU1040201614
Steak knife CLASSIC WHITE 12 cm, Wüsthof WU1040201712
Universal knife INGENIO K1530514 13 cm, ceramic, Tefal TEFK1530514
Vegetable knife CLASSIC WHITE 9 cm, Wüsthof WU1040200409