Soup & sauce spoons

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Rice serving spoon PRO, Zwilling
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Serving spoon DAILY, 26 cm Nicolas Vahé NV160670010
Serving spoon EVA TRIO 26 cm, nylon, Eva Solo ES118606
Serving spoon GREEN TOOL 25,5 cm, green, Eva Solo ES531533
Serving spoon GREEN TOOL 28 cm, green, Eva Solo ES531534
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Serving spoon SOHO, Zwilling
32 €

Soup and sauce spoons – your dining room helpers

Spoons for serving soups and sauces, similarly to other serving spoons feature bigger bowls than a standard table spoon or mixing spoons. Their bowl is intended to hold more liquid and their handles are longer to allow for reaching into a deep pot or soup tureen.

What are the types of spoons used in the dining room?

There are many different types of spoons used when serving dinner or any other meal at the table, but a few of the most popular ones are as follows:

  • Soup ladles: Used to serve soups or stews, a ladle is a large, deep spoon with a long handle. It is usually constructed to feature a hooked handle for hanging on a saucepan or soup tureen with ease.
  • A sauce spoon or gravy ladle is a smaller spoon with a deeper, narrower bowl (often with a spout) used for serving sauces served in sauce bowls or sauce boats
  • Serving spoons with shallower bowls than soup ladles, used to serve rice, potatoes or vegetables
  • Tablespoons - spoons used mainly for eating
  • Teaspoons & espresso spoons - used for serving tea, coffee and desserts

These are just a few examples of the several soup and sauce serving spoon designs that are offered on Kulina's website; as you browse the collection, you will find further varieties. Your choice of the spoon will depend on the particular soup or sauce you are serving, as well as your preferences.

Can I use a soup or sauce spoon to serve other kinds of meals?

Yes, you can use a ladle or sauce spoon to serve other types of meals, but it might not always be the best option. Unlike other spoon types, soup or sauce spoons have a larger, deeper bowl because they are made specifically for serving soups and sauces. However, these spoons could be a good option if you are serving a dish that has a lot of sauce or liquid that should not be drained - like goulash. Some people also use serving spoons to serve pasta dishes.

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